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What is the pulling power of the Clydesdale horse breed?

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Pulls equal 110% of horse weight.

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Strength usually means pulling power. The breed that can pull the most is the biggest breed also. The Clydesdale breeds. The Clydesdale also tires quickly. If you were to get a horse that was going to do heavy pulling all day it would have to be a Belgian.

Yes I think that they would be a fast horse for running. For more information search for the question how fast is a clydesdale horse. They have some pretty good information. 2nd answer: Clydesdales are bred for power - pulling plows, freight wagons, and so forth. The smaller, sleeker horses like the Arab, thoroughbred, and the quarter horse run much faster than the Clydesdale.

Very Versatile. Medium to heavy work but are limited due to their weight. e.g. They get less pulling power than a Clydesdale because they slip. Although close comparison in strength, the heavier horse gets better traction.

Depends on Which horse is pulling ya

Pulling horses are good for pulling due to their conformation and muscle mass. Typically a horse used for pulling will be a draft breed or draft cross of some kind. These types of horses are shorter legged and more heavily built, allowing them to have a lower center of gravity and more pulling power.

The size of a horse all depends on age & breed.

the bottom part of the car is it A: Torque is grunt, the pulling power of the engine, measured in Horse power.

Stallions are typically used for breeding, Thus enabling the horse breed to continue. Sometimes horses are left as stallions to increase their strength as they are stronger than geldings due to higher levels of Testosterone, this is commonly done in draft breeds to increase pulling power. And of course they are shown at horse shows.

Horse power is a measure of the power output of engines using the pulling capacity of a draft horse as its base unit. It was originally used to compare the power of steam engines compared to horses and was later extended to included petrol and diesel engines.

The dray horse, or draft horse as it is more commonly known, is bred in the Shire. They are used for heavy work of pulling. They provide a great deal of "Horse Power".

Haflinger is a breed of horse, and, as we all know, horses are very strong. The strength of these animals are what is referred to as "horse power" when measuring the power of various engines and motors, etc.

A draft breed is any breed of horse with a certain type of conformation that is conducive to heavy pulling power. Examples would be Shires, Brabants, and Percheron's. They can typically range in height from 13.2 hands and up, but most draft breeds start at 16 hands. They typically are heavy boned and 'bulky' in appearance. Draft breeds are called 'coldbloods' due to their slow and docile nature.

No, it is a great ratio for pulling power.No, it is a great ratio for pulling power.

how much horse power does what have? 2.2, 2.4 need more info. Horse power is a very old measurement and refers to the number of horses that would pull something. Therefore in terms of a car that has say 350bhp (brake horse power) it means it has the same pulling force as 350 horses put together.

The origin of what we refer to as horsepower in engines is the equivelent of one draft horse, like a Shire or Clydesdale. So if a car engine has a 350 horsepower engine, it's like having 350 Clydesdales under the hood. If you think about it, that's a lot of power. But there has never yet been a machine that can match the absolute beauty of a flesh and blood horse. Point of Interest:In 2004 country singer Chris LaDoux released Horsepower, a song about the combustablity of the four-legged, one horse power animal we call the domestic horse.

The oldest breed of horse is actually "the Arabian horse". almost every breed came from the Arabian(Arab). you name a breed and it most likely decended from tht Arab eg; Thouroughbred, tersk, shire, Morgan.... The answer above is incorrect. The oldest horse is the Mongolian Wild Horse. Ah, friendly debate. I have no choice but to join in. First of all, just because the Arab was used in a lot of breeding, that does not make it the oldest horse. The Arab was chosen for its power, beauty, spirit, and popularity, not because it was the only horse around. Had that been true, all horses today would be pure Arabs. The wild horse makes more sense, as wild horses evolve much faster than regular horses to survive their surroundings. Also, the Mongolian Wild Horse looks very similar to Eohippus and the first Equus. Therefore, not all horses look like a Mongolian Wild Horse now, even though it is the oldest. Yes, whoever wrote what is above me is correct. The Arabian is not the oldest breed of horse, although that is the popular answer. I wasn't positive what the oldest breed actually was, but I believe that the Mongolian is correct. -It is not the most oldest breed of horse, but the przewalski is the only true wild horse left.

This is a easy one, a car, the Mustang to be exzact, the Mustang(horse) originated in U.S.A when the gold rush started and the horses were left free, originating there own breed, the Mustang is often reffered to as a wild Horse. The Mustang(car) has been given it's names because of it's looks and power, a cars power is based around horses, like say, 500 horse power, is A LOT, and the look because the Mustangs have become a EXTRODINARILY beautiful bred, and people often say the Mustang car is a beautiful car.

Clydesdale's are mostly used for heavy work and pulling. In the UK they are only really used on working farm museums, and agricultural shows for display. I'm afraid farmers tend to use tractor power, rather than horses.

No, it is a great ratio for pulling power.No, it is a great ratio for pulling power.

You will have to breed it with another swinub that has ancient power.

the base horse power for a ktm adventure is 100 horse power

a quarter of a horse power

It rounds out to 6.5hp!

Tigers are not cars, their power or strength is not measured in horse power.

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