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To display a worksheet with ten columns. If this does not answer your question, please re-word the question to give more context for your thoughts and ask again.

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Q: What is the purpose of a 10 column worksheet?
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How does an 8-column worksheet differ from a 10-column worksheet?

An 8-column worksheet is standard for the following: Unadjusted Trial Balance, Adjustments, Adjusted Trial Balance, Income Statement, and Balance Sheet. The 10-column worksheet has an extra two columns for the Post-Closing Trial Balance.

What is the purpose of the adjustments column in the worksheet?

The purpose of the adjustments column in the worksheet is for the necessary adjustments for supplies and pre-paid insurance. It is also used the adjustment of merchandise inventory accounts to begin a new fiscal year.

How do you prepare 10 column worksheet?

List the steps in preparing a 10-column worksheet?a. the first we must have information about-trial balance-adjusting-adjusting trial balance-income statement-balance sheet

How do you keep the title and column labels of a worksheet on the screen no matter where the worksheet is scrolled?

how do you keep the title and column labels of a worksheet on the screen no matter where the worksheet is scrolled

Can you have two different column widths on one excel worksheet?

Yes. Every column on the worksheet can have a different width, if you like.

What is used to add worksheet column and row titles on a worksheet in excell?


The intersection of a worksheet column and row is a?

a "spread"

What is a vertical arrangement of information on a worksheet?


What would happen if you autosum the width of column A after you entered the worksheet title?

AutoSum has nothing to do with column width or a worksheet title, so nothing significant.

Does a worksheet column heading start with 1 and appear down the left side of a worksheet?

No, column headings start with A and go across the worksheet. The row headings start with 1 and go down the left.

How do you keep the titles and column labels of a worksheet on the screen no matter the worksheet is scrolled?

By freezing the rows

What indicates that an Excel worksheet column is hidden?

A column letter or range of letters is missing.

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