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What is the purpose of a variable resistor?

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A variable resistor is used in cicuits to vary the current passing through the resistor. It is commonly used to change the value of current across a circuit, or to act as a voltage divider.

They are commonly equiped with a knob outside of a cabinet, to enable the user to adjust the operation of a circuit, like a volume control on a radio or amplifier.

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How do you test a variable resistor?

how do test a variable resistor

What is a variable resistor?

Variable resistor is an resistor that can change its resistance manually, by rotating a handle or a screw.

How connect a variable resistor to circuit?

how connect a variable resistor to circuit

Where is a variable resistor in your home?

If you have a light switch where you can brightener it or dim it that is a VARIABLE RESISTOR.

What is the purpose of a rheostat?

A rheostat is essentially a variable resistor. It is used in circuits to drop voltage or limit current.

Is Light dependent resistor an example of resistor?

yes, a variable resistor

Does a variable resistor have Has a fixed resistance?

A variable resistor means that the resistance can be varied, usually by using a slide. A fixed resistor can not be varied.

How can a variable resistor be used?

A variable resistor is most commonly used for volume controls or lighting dimmers.

What is the difference between a fixed resistor and a variable resistor?

its the colour of the fixed and the variable we define it by its power and name

What are the function of variable resistor?

the function of variable resistor is to provide variable resistances in circuitary , its also do the function of providing different values of current to different components....

What is another name for a variable resistor?

If the two of the three terminals on a Potentiometer are used, then it may be used as a variable resistor.AnswerA variable resistor may function as a potentiometer (using three terminals) or as a rheostat (using two terminals). Its correct name is 'variable resistor', while the terms 'potentiometer' or 'rheostat' describe how it is being used.

What is another term for potentiometer?

A potentiometer and a rheostat are two different applications for a variable resistor.A potentiometer is a variable resistor, connected (using its three terminals) as a variable potential divider.A rheostat is a variable resistor, connected (using two of its three terminals) to adjust current.

Difference between variable and fixed resistor?

Variable resistors means that a resistor which can change its resistance by control by any person or it self and fixed resistor means that it can not change its value.

Are transistor the same as the variable resistor?


What is the definition of a variable resistor?

A rheostat.

What is a VDR resistor?

VDR stands for Voltage Dependent Resistor .It is also called Variable Resistor or Varistor.

Describe the purpose of the coloured bands on a resistor?

The purpose of colored bands on a resistor is to tell whoever is installing the resistor the amount of resistance that particuliar resistor has.

Why you use resistor with variable resistor?

Often we want to easily change a resistor value, so we use a variable resistor. For example, we may want to change the resistor that controls the power sent to a LED, so we can easily make it brighter or dimmer. Often if we use a variable resistor, there is only a very narrow range that is useful. Continuing our example, sometimes we use several LEDs, and we use the variable resistor to set them all to the same brightness. In this case, the resistance range that sets the LED to be twice as bright as the the other LEDs, and the resistance range that sends so much power to the LED that it is permanently destroyed is even less useful. So we add a fixed resistor in series with the variable resistor -- the fixed resistor sets the minimum net resistance, no matter how we turn the knob on the variable resistor. In our example, the addition of the fixed resistor allows us to turn the variable resistor throughout its whole range, and the LED gets brighter and dimmer; without that resistor, a certain range of the knob on the variable resistor would allow so much power to go to the LED that it would be destroyed.

What is a variable resistor made from?

Main matterial of variable resistor is same with constant value resistor. Assume that there is a cylindrical resistive material in the component and the resistance of the material depends on its lenght. When you adjust the variable resistor, it changes the lenght of active part of the resistive material so the output resistance changes.

How do you set the sensitivity of a light dependent resistor?

using a variable resistor we can adjust the sensitivity of a light dependent resistor

Difference between variable resistor and rheostat?

The difference between a variable resistor and a rheostat is the same as the difference between six and half a dozen.

What is a variable resistor called?

a blower motor

What is a three terminal variable resistor?


What is a resistor that can be adjusted between minimum and maximum by turning a dial is called a what?

It is a variable resistor. Basically, the same as when you turn up or down the heat on an electrical oven or radio.

Does voltage increase or decrease due to an increase in the resistance of variable resistor?

As one increases the resistance of the variable resistor, the potential difference/ Voltage would decrease. As additionally, according to Ohms law R =V/I, the current would increase across the variable resistor.