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What is the purpose of cable select?


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Cable Select allows for the faster installation of additional or replacement drives. It does this by allowing the position on the cable itself to determine whether it acts as the Master or the Slave drive on an IDE channel. Thus when replacing a drive or adding a new one, the setting of the other drive is not an issue if it also set up for Cable Select support. Otherwise, one would need to know whether the other drive installed in the system was Master or Slave, so that the corresponding jumpers could be set.


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Answer: When using an 80-conductor cable-select cable, the drive nearest the motherboard is the master, and the drive farthest from the motherboard is the slave. You can recognize a cable-select cable by a small hole somewhere in the the data cable or by labels (master or slave) on the connectors. -CompTIA A+ Guide to Hardware, Managing, Maintaining, and Troubleshooting Fifth Edition 2010 copyright - Jean Andrews, Ph.D.

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