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The purpose of checking the acid value of the lubricant oil is that it determines the efficiency.

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The effect of the acid value is that it enhances the working efficiency of a lubricant.

For checking specific gravities of liquids such as battery acid and antifreeze.

Triethaonolamine is used as an emulsifier; and stearic acid is used as a lubricant.

a weak acid has a larger ka value, while a strong acid has a small ka value

Acid value = 1.989 x Free fatty acids (as oleic acid)

by selling it and checking it inside

When an acid is neutralized, its pH value is changed to be around 7 and it is no longer an acid.

The acid value is a measure of the acidity of many organic materials.

The purpose is to dilute the acid.

The pH value of a sulfuric acid solution is very low.

The pH value of an acid solution depends on its concentration and the temperature of the solution.

ACID VALUE=Normality OF KOK or NaOH*5061/w

-25 (Fluoroantimonic acid)

Acid value is mg potassium hydroxide necessary to neutralize 1 g of a substance.Free fatty acid is a fatty acid not coupled with glycerol.

The purpose of the gastric acid determination is to evaluate gastric function by measuring the amount of acid as suctioned directly from the stomach. The complete gastric acid determination includes the basal gastric secretion test.

The standard acid value of peanut/grondnut oil is about 3.5 to 4.0%

In 100% ethyl acetate the Rf value for acetylsalicylic acid came to be about 0.71.

Give 5 examples of ph value found under acid

Salicylic acid is also known as 2-Hydroxybenzoic acid. The literature Ka value is 2x10 to the negative 14th power. Which makes salicylic acid a somewhat strong acid.

it indicates wether a paticular substance is an acid or a base.

The purpose is to prepare a sample solution for analysis.

Strong acid is classified as one which dissociates completely to liberate all the H+ ions of the compound when dissolved in water. Generally, both nitric acid and sulfuric acid are classified as strong acids. The strength of acids is measured by the acid dissociation constant (pKa). The lower the value, the stronger the acid is. Sulfuric acid has a value of -3, while nitric acid has a value of -1.64. Thus, sulfuric acid is a stronger acid as compared to nitric acid.

when an acid is neautrilized, its ph value is changed to be around 7 and it is no longer a acid

The pH value of any acidic solution depends on the strength of the acid in the particular solution. In this instance, a dilute sulfuric acid solution shows a higher value of pH whereas the concentrated acid shows a very low value.

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