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Q: What is the purpose of heel elevators?
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What is the purpose of elevation?

Elevators move things between floors of buildings.

How is elevators related to math?

Discover how elevators are related to math and the complex calculations that go into their design and operation. Learn about the role of mathematics in elevator performance and algorithms.

What is the purpose of 2 doors in elevators?

Speed in opening. Note: It StarTrek, the moving doors took three people to operate.

Fox Elevators?

Elevators Company in Ahmedabad

Why do some peolpe have a fear of elevators?

Some peole have a fear of the germs in elevators, some killers hide out in elevators, some elevators jerk, and they can stop and not budge for hours! I know this because i have a fear of elevators.

How many elevators are in Italy?

There are 6,000 elevators in Italy

How many elevators are in Chicago?

10000 elevators in Chicago

How many elevators does buckingham palace have?

they have 2 elevators

How many levels in Burj Khalifa?

57 elevators and 8 escalators

Can children use elevators?

Yes, children can use elevators.

What metal are elevators made out of?

There are quite a few metals that elevators are made out of. These elevators could be made out of stainless steel for example.

How many elevators in San Francisco?

According to "The New Yorker," there are 58,000 elevators in New York City.