What is the purpose of land survey related to quantity survey?

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Land surveying is the measurement, recording and mapping of the physical environment. For example measuring the contour of the land, location of trees, services and buildings, etc. Quantity surveying is the determination of how much (quantity) of each item is required to complete something. For example a house requires 20,000 nails, 200 metres of 50 x 100 wood, 120m2 of roofing iron, etc.
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What is surveying?

Surveying? land surveying is the measurment of land. land surveyors measure and mark property lines and create legal descriptions of property to establish deeds of land for official records. or it is art of determining the relative positions of distinctive points on,above or beneath the surface ( Full Answer )

Can you get a land surveying degree online?

Yes. Recently Oklahoma State University Oklahoma City has released a 100% online Associate of Applied Science in Surveying Technology that will allow you sit if the Fundamentals of Surveying exam in Oklahoma. It may also meet the requirements in your state. ------Older reply below You can ob ( Full Answer )

What is a survey?

A survey can be a set of questions asked of a demographic group toreveal statistical information about their habits. or It can be an examination of a premises, object or location in orderto gather information on worthyness for a purpose.

Can you survey your own land?

You could survey your own land but it is highly NOT recommend for multiple reasons. Land surveys are done by licensed professionals which perform the survey and prepare the maps and stamp them with a seal and signature. Land surveys are based upon information gathered at the county clerks office as ( Full Answer )

How to Land survey a jungle?

Use a satellite. or For a more detailed 3D result, use the FARO laser scanner Focus3D. See how it was used for studying the geological structure of a cave. http://www.faroasia.com/epu/sg/Index.php?p=2071

How do you make traverse in land surveying?

Consider a rectangular shape. A traverse would set up an instrument at one corner and then measure the angle between the two other adjacent corners of the rectangle. In this case 90 degrees. The survey also measures the distance along one of those adjacent sides. Usually angles are measured in a clo ( Full Answer )

What does a survey do?

A survey does a lot as far as giving companies or peopleinformation on what consumers think. By using surveys, one can findout how others feel about the government, television, and aspectsof daily life.

What is the purpose of a survey form?

A survey form is normally used to collect the view of people on agiven issue. It is a way of understanding more on what peoplereally want.

What is land surveying?

The text book definition of surveying is "The art and science of measuring angles and distances on or near the surface of the earth." When the term land is added, it takes on the added dimension of the laws related to boundary determination.

Why is cave surveying harder than land surveying?

Lack of visual site distances is a big challenge. . A compass often doesn't necessarily work well underground asiron deposits affect things. . GPS doesn't work well underground. . Lack of a visual horizon makes it difficult to stayoriented. Also, Difficult to "loop" surveys to check results. C ( Full Answer )

What are the differences between quantity surveying and building surveying?

I think the guy below misunderstood a little. Quanity Surveying is concerned primarily with project cost where the number, amount, type of materials are counted and priced to provide project estaimtes, budget and cost control through the works. Generally considered to be a more mathematical role co ( Full Answer )

What is datum in land survey?

A land survey datum (plural datums) is a reference from which measurements are made. The reference in the form of a set of coodinate and a direction. The datum can be arbitary (assumed) or absolute. The arbitary datum point is a point whose coordinate and direction are not known, so an arbitary valu ( Full Answer )

Datum to start survey in land survey?

The datum you start a land survey in will depend on the purpose of the survey, where in the world you are, and what type of instrument you are using.. If the purpose of the survey was for your own purposes and there was no need to have the survey in terms of any local, national or international dat ( Full Answer )

What is surveys?

Surveys are a set of questions meant for random people or certainpopulations to answer. These surveys help to improve the service oreducate the person asking the question.

What are surveys?

The collection of information from a common group throughinterviews or the application of questionnaires to a representativesample of that group.

How is trigonometry used in land surveying?

Trigonometry is basically formula's to help you find out unknown sides and angles of a triangle. Surveying is measuring land. But as not all land is equal so these formula's are used to help.

What is re measure in quantity surveying?

Construction work is estimated at design stage (before work starts). This estimation is done by using tender drawings (not detailed, basic). Once work starts construction drawings are issued. These drawings show the full specifications of items of work/how to build the item (plans, sections, details ( Full Answer )

What is the purpose of survey?

Type your answer here... To determine what network resources are currently in places. To accurately forecast the current and future network equipments.

What is the purpose of a literature survey?

The purpose of a literature review is to: . establish a theoretical framework for your topic / subject area . define key terms, definitions and terminology . identify studies, models, case studies etc supporting your topic . define / establish your area of study, ie your research topic

What is the purpose of the DDESB survey?

The DDESB's purpose is to enhance operational effectiveness and increase force protection through the Explosives. Safety Management Program

How do you survey your own land?

There are many problems with surveying your own land. First, if you are a license/registered land surveyor you can survey your own land for personal reference but if you want to use the survey for conveyancing purposes a buyer would likely request a survey performed by an objective third party. If ( Full Answer )

What is the purpose of surveying?

To predict main points. And to determe the position of natural and artificial features on, above or below the earth's surface.

What is survey and purpose of survey?

The collection of informationfrom a common group through interviews or the application ofquestionnaires to a representative sample of that group. if u want know my experience with surveys forcash from YouGov plz visit http://surveysfor-cash.blogspot.com/ .

How do you do a survey?

A survey is something you take for people to find out your opinions, so they can make there business better. When someone asks you to take a survey, they want you to give your opinion on something so they can improve it. To take a sample survey, click on the link provided in the sources & relat ( Full Answer )

Latitude and departures in land surveying?

lattitude is the coordinate length measured parallel to the north-south axsis and departure is the coordinate length measured perpendicular to the meridian directions.

What is on a survey?

You can have anything on a survey, like questions that people can answer. Here is an example of a survey done with a couple of people: http://surveylifeyup.blogspot.com/

What is the purpose of customer surveys?

The purpose of customer surveys is to gather a general consensus of whether or not people are satisfied with either the website or in-store. Another reason is to see whether or not improvements need to be made. A third reason is to hold the employee accountable for his/her actions.

How is rate of a material found out in quantity surveying?

Rate of material is calculated as follows: Basic market rate Ex factory - Rs X Add Excise duty if applicable Total - Rs A Add transportation cost from factory to site Total - Rs B Add taxes such as VAT, State sales tax, Central sales tax etc., as applicable Total - Rs C Add octroi or entry tax if ( Full Answer )

What is the use of data book in quantity surveying?

A data book is a ready reckoner of formulae of geometrical properties of various shapes used in quantity surveying. It also gives equations used in the calculation of quantities such as Simpson's rule for calculation of earthwork.

How does political surveying relate to math?

It's not possible for any public opinion survey to talk toEVERYBODY who has an opinion. So you have to try and find out what EVERYBODY's opinionis, by talking to only some of them. It takes some very sophisticated math todecide how many are enough, and how reliable your conclusions will be from that ( Full Answer )

What is the main purpose of site survey?

A site survey is an inspection of an area where work takes place in order to gather the correct information for a design or an estimate in order to complete tasks which is required for an outdoor activity. The purpose of site survey is to determine a precise location and also the best orientation fo ( Full Answer )

Why do you have a survey?

Surveys are a way to derive conclusions about various properties of a population. Population need not refer to people but can be other living things or inanimate objects. The alternative to a survey is a census, in which observations are taken for every member of the population. Because of its size ( Full Answer )

What are the license requirements for land surveying?

The license requirements vary from region to region and country to country. In some countries, you only need minimal or no license to become a surveyor. In others, you need to show that you apprenticed and became a journeyman before you can apply to test as a surveyor.

What is the purpose of building surveying?

Building surveying is very important to determine if the building is up to safety codes and area building guidelines. If this did not happen a building could be built that would be unsafe for individuals to enter.

Why do you have to do survey?

You need information to make decisions. That information can be obtained by doing a comprehensive study - a census - a smaller study - a survey. A census is likely to be much more expensive and slower to produce results. Although the results of a survey will be estimates of the true values, a well o ( Full Answer )

How do you get details of a land survey?

If the survey was recorded or filed in the land records you can order a copy. If not then you would need to contact the surveyor or the landowner who ordered the survey and ask about obtaining a copy.

How do you survey a land?

You hire a land surveyor to survey your property. This person should be certified by the American Land Title Association or an equivalent organization for property outside of the United States. This is important to know the exact area and if there are any buildings too close or over the property lin ( Full Answer )

What are the advantages of learning quantity surveying?

A quantity surveyor calculates the cost of project in terms ofbudget, time and bills. They perform commercial risk analysis.Therefore jobs available for a quantity surveyor are in largeconstruction firms, architecture firms, law firms, governmentalagencies and construction advisory firms. If you hav ( Full Answer )