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To absorb the carbon dioxide by bonding with the soda lime to form sodium carbonate.

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What is the difference between soda lime and lime soda?

soda lime is a solid and a fruit lime soda is a drink that is made from soda and lime together.

What is the purpose of soda lime?

it is used to emancipate or liberate ammonia from Nitrogen-containing compounds

What is soda lime made of?

Soda lime is a mixture containing principally of calcium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide. Soda lime absorbs carbon dioxide.

How many calories in a vodka soda lime?

There are about 75 calories in a Vodka, Soda, Lime.

What is lime and soda ash?

Lime is calcium hydroxide. Soda ash is sodium carbonate.

What will be the reaction when you add lime to baking soda?

The acid in the lime juice will make the soda bubble.

What to use instead of lemon-lime soda?

we can use limca instead of lemon lime soda

What instrument measures lung capacity?


Is a lemon lime soda a mixture or a compound?

lime is a compound :)

What is the volume of aluminum in a aluminum soda can?

put the lime in coconut and mix it all up and you get the volume of a lime soda.

What is the difference of quick lime and washing soda?

Quick lime is calcium oxide. Washing soda is sodium carbonate.

Why are coagulants used in cold lime soda process?

why coagulants are hot aded in hot lime soda process

Why do we recycle soda lime glass?

The making of soda lime glass is expensive to compare then recycle sodalime glass . Main component for making soda lime glass is silica. for melting silica required toomuch temperature & other component which soda lime glass required are also much expansive. but recycled soda lime glass required low temperature for melting to shape it again at low cost . so we recycle soda lime glass. (

What happens to the weight of soda lime during experiment of carbon dioxide and soda lime?

muje nei ata hehehe

Which lime dissolved in water give a hissing sound?

Soda lime

What is the purpose of soda lime in the detection of nitrogen in nitrogen containing compounds?

It is used to liberate or emancipate ammonia from Nitrogen-containing compounds

What is soda lime?

Soda lime is a mixture of Ca(OH)2, NaOH, KOH in water used to absorb carbon dioxide.

Who invented lemon lime soda?

George Washington. He never told a lime.

Why does baking soda react with lime juice?

because lime juice is an acid and baking soda is a base, therefore they react to create a salt.

What is soda glass?

itis also called soda lime silica glass

What cleans a penny the best baking soda and lime or baking soda and vinegar?

baking soda and vinegar

What is the pH of lemon lime soda?

About 3

What is prepared from propionate and soda lime?


How many calories in a pint of soda and dash of lime cordial?

A 1-oz. serving of lime cordial has about 12 calories and soda water has none!!

What is density of soda lime glass?

Density of Schott Soda Glass is 2.50g/cm3.