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What is the purpose of the wire on top of tall buildings?

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Probably a Lightning Conductor. They say , in a Bad Storm, lightning will strike the Tallest building first. Cheers.

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Are tall buildings larger at the top than the bottom?

Usually not.

How are tall buildings protected from lightning strikes?

They put metal rods on the top of the building. There is wire that leads from the rod and is buried underground which attracts lightning and conducts in discharge away from the building and into ground.

Where would you find a lightning rod?

Lighting rods are attached to the top of the tall buildings

Why do I get vertigo at the top of tall buildings?

acrophobia is name for fear of heights. that could lead to vertigo.

Why are there red lights on top of the tall buildings in Melbourne city?

To alert aircraft that there is a obstacle there so there are no accidents.

Why water tanks in tall buildings are placed at the top of the buildings?

To allow gravity to provide the pressure in the system. The alternative would be for powerful pumps to be used and that would be an expense

Where should you farm?

hands down, the best place to farm is inner cities. preferably on top of tall buildings.

What are the top 10 cities in the world by skyline?

According to, they are: # Hong Kong (7,558 tall buildings): 123,606 pts # New York (5,535 tall buildings): 37,021 pts # Seoul (2,864 tall buildings): 16,560 pts # Chicago (1,078 tall buildings): 16,505 pts # Singapore (3,961 tall buildings): 15,323 pts # São Paulo (5,230 tall buildings): 14,603 pts # Shanghai (930 tall buildings): 13,715 pts # Tokyo (2,615 tall buildings): 12,120 pts # Bangkok (747 tall buildings): 11,898 pts # Guangzhou (477 tall buildings): 9,804 pts Where: * 12-19 floors = 1 pts * 20-29 floors = 5 pts * 30-39 floors = 25 pts * 40-49 floors = 50 pts * 50-59 floors = 100 pts * 60-69 floors = 200 pts * 70-79 floors = 300 pts * 80-89 floors = 400 pts * 90-99 floors = 500 pts * 100+ floors = 600 pts

What are some important uses for Iron?

cars are made of ironthe rods on top of tall buildings are made from ironby a sixth grader

What is the purpose of a lightning rod?

A lighting rod is a metallic rod, which is put in place to provide a route for electric charge to travel to the ground. It is placed at the top of a high building, and connected to a wire which runs down the side of said building and connects to a ground rod, which is placed underground. The reason why these are put in place is to avoid tall buildings being struck by lightning, as this could cause high temperatures in the building or even start a fire.

A wire is to be stretched from the top of a building which is 10 meters tall to the second building which is 25 meters tall the buildings are 12 meters apart How long is the wire?

First of all, only if the wire is stretched between the 2 buildings roof edges facing each other, can this question be answered using the information given. (If the wire is stretched between the middles of the roofs, the information given is not enough, in case if we want to give a precise answer, we'd need to know how wide each roof is.) So, anyways, let's presume that the wire is stretched between the roof edges facing each other. The solution is easy if you know the Pythagorean theorem. Imagine a right triangle formed by the distance between the buildings (12 meters), the difference in heights (25-10=15 meters) and the length of the wire. The length of the wire is the hypotenuse, so the formula to calculate its length is a square root of (12 squared + 15 squared) = square root from (144+225) = square root from 369 which is approximately 19.209 meters.

What wire goes to the top pin on a three pin wire?

hot wire

How can tall buildings be protected from lighting?

Using a "lightning rod" that is set on the top of the tower to direct electricity from the static charge down to the ground where it is then deemed harmless

What are those buildings with water tanks on top of them called?

They are called "buildings" regardless of what is on tip of them.

What are the short term and long term effects of the northridge earthquake in California in 1994?

Well, the short term effects were that the buildings were short and an easy target. The long term effects were that the buildings were that there were long tall buildings which were a not soo easy target which was ok for the people who lived on the top of the building....... x <3

How do stones get on top of buildings?

they teleport up there

Top ten tallest buildings in United States?

What are the 10 tallest buildings in the United States

What are the charateristics of mountains?

Tall and pointy at the top. Tall and pointy at the top.

On Club Penguin how do you get on top of buildings?

Simple....................................................................You Can't

How do you get to the top of the buildings on Balding avenue on poptropica?

you cant!

How do you get on top of buildings in wmd?

Climb up ladders.

What is the difference between Tall buildings and a High-rise buildings?

Tall building is two signs put together to were as high-rise buildings is just one. Tall buildings starts off with your right hand up, with your left hand acting as an arrow going upwards from the center of your right. Building the continues with four fingers extended, your hands facing the center starting with your left hand on top, your right hand moves up and down three times ending in the starting position. Now High-rise building starts off with the signing for buildings, yet at the end instead of moving back to the start you extend it as if you were going to end in the sky.

What are the five tallest completed buildings in the world?

The top five tallest buildings in the world are:Burj Dubai- 162 story building - with approximately 2684 ft. tallTaipei 101- 101 story building - with approximately 1667 ft. tallWorld Financial Center- 101 story building - with approximately 1614 ft. tallPetronas Tower 1- 88 story building - with approximately 1483 ft. tallPetronas Tower 2- 88 story building - with approximately 1483 ft. tall

Why is pole used in pole vaulter?

With the possible exception of Superman who can leap tall buildings in a single bound, athletes can't quite top the nine foot mark without the pole.

How do you get the piece of paper on the wire for Counterfeit Island?

You climb up the wire thst is hanging down and jump at it from the top of the wire.