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A cutting board protects both your countertop (or table top) and your knife. It protects the countertop (or table top) from scratches and gouges and it protects the knife from dings and nicks and dulling.

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Should a cutting board be coated before using?

It depends what you will be using the cutting board for.

How do you use a cutting board?

It is not very hard to use a cutting board. Most people use a cutting board to cut food up to whatever size they want. There are some sites below on giving you advice of using cutting boards and also some different types of cutting boards.

What should you do with knife and cutting board After you cut raw chicken?

You should wash and sanitize the knife and cutting board - and allow it to dry - before using it for anything else.

Describe the important of securing your cutting surface prior to commencing work?

It is important that a cutting board be secure to avoid slipping while using a sharp knife and possible cutting oneself. Using a damp dish towel on top of the counter, set the cutting board on top of the towel and it will stay secure.

How do you chop carrots?

Using a knife and cutting board, slice through the carrots.

How much does a cutting board weigh?

depends on the cutting board

What is the best way to sanitize a cutting board after cutting raw meat?

The best way to sanitize a cutting board after cutting raw meat is to rinse immediately after cutting the meat on the board. Afterwards use hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the board.

Why change a cutting board when using raw and cooked chicken?

That's to prevent cross-contamination. If you use a cutting board for raw chicken, then use the same cutting board (without appropriate cleaning and sanitizing), the bacteria from the raw chicken can contaminate the cooked chicken and cause illness in those who eat it.

What colors are the cutting board for food safety?

what are the colors for each cutting board for food safety

Do I need a different cutting board for poultry, fish, and red meat?

No,but you need to keep your cutting board clean.As soon as you've finished using it you should wash it thoroughly and rinse it with scalding hot water.It's best not to have a board with a lot of crevices in it where stuff can collect and fester.

Can you use pine wood make a cutting board and how to doing it?

No, I would not recomend using pine in a cutting board at all. You can use soft maple from the big box stores to keep cost down. Hickory may be even cheaper.

What the use of a brown cutting board?

You can use any color cutting board you want, as long as it is a board. In the food industry, the brown color is most commonly used to specify cutting cooked proteins on it.

Why is using same cutting board and knife for both cooked and uncooked food not advisable?

Bacteria, viruses and even parasites are usually killed during the cooking of food. Cutting the cooked food with the same knife and cutting board without properly cleaning them first can recontaminate the food.

Where can one purchase a mineral oil cutting board?

One can purchase a mineral oil cutting board from many different stores and retailers. Some examples that sell this cutting board include ScoutMob and Ace Mart.

Can you microwave glass cutting board?


Is a cutting board the same as a knotting board?

A knotting board is used for holding macrame while it is being made. A cutting board is used as a backing for rotory cutters used in sewing and especially in quilting.

What are two important tools for safe cutting?

A knife and a proper cutting board.

Is cutting a board exothermic or endothermic?


What is the used of cutting pliers?

Their primary purpose is for cutting wires and twisting them together.

Is a plastic cutting board better than a wood cutting board?

Plastic cutting boards are more sanitary since they can be easily disinfected with cleaning agents and hot water. Wooden cutting boards can hide bacteria and germs in the grains of the wood.

What kind of wood would be best suited to make a kitchen cutting board?

i think that pine would be a good wood to use to make a cutting board .

Which cutting boards are best?

I have heard that both plastic items and wooden items both harbor germs. You can buy cutting board liners to lay down whenever you use a wooden or plastic cutting board.

What is achopping board used for?

for cutting food up on

What is a blue cutting board used for?

it is used for fish

When was the very first cutting board made?