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Q: What is the purpose of using scalded milk in pretzels?
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How can you tell if the milk is scalded without using a thermometer?

It has a skin like cover over the milk itself.

How do you know if you milk is scalded?

Milk is scalded when the sides of the pan have little bubbles. It shouldn't be boiling but it should be just about ready to boil.

What is scalded milk?

its like organic milk. its like organic milk.

How do you make scalded milk?

Heat the milk up until it's too hot for you to put your finger in - just below boiling point. Then you're done - that's "scalded milk".

Using Milk Chocolate Nestle Chocolate chips how can you make Pretsles dipped in milk chocolate?

You just melt the chocolate chips and then dip the pretzels into it.

How do you clean scalded milk off pan?

You can scrub it the old fashioned way or you can put water in the pan and stick it back on the stove to boil. The boiling will cause the scalded milk to come off the pan.

What is it called when milk is just below boiling point?


Can you feed your squirrel cows milk?

Yes, if it's scalded first.

What is scalded and cooled mean?

In a recipe, this means to bring milk to the boiling point and then to return it to room temperature. "Scalded" can also mean "injured by boiling water".

What is hot coffee with scalded milk in a French word?

Café au lait.

How do you know your milk is scalded?

It has been boiling for a while, and it has a thick, dark scum on the bottom of the pot.

Are all bagged pretzels vegan?

Not all bagged pretzels are vegan some contain sugar, milk products or natural flavoring. Always read the ingredients!

What does scalded milk do for a recipe?

Most likely the recipe has yeast in it. Keeping the ingredients warm helps the yeast work. For other things, it would help the milk to blend with the other ingredients if there is shortening in the mix the milk is added to.

What do you do when custard curdles?

throw it out. Typically custard curdles because the eggs weren't tempered when mixing with the hot milk. ALWAYS add the scalded milk a spoon at a time to the egg yolk/sugar mixture and stir well. Never put cold egg yolk into hot milk.

Do you need to scald milk?

In some cases, Yes. When making yogurt or ice cream you want to scald it (not boil it). You can tell when it is scalded by the tiny bubbles that will form around the edges.

What is some candy that begins with the letter Y?

York Peppermint Patties Yum Yums (England) Yema balls (Filipino food) Yogurt Raisins Yogurt Pretzels Yogurt Malted Milk Balls

Why Using cardboard for milk?

One reason for using cardboard for milk is to keep light away from the milk. Light can cause the milk to spoil faster.

What foods are in grow foods?

fish,egg,milk,meat,breads,grains,crackers,pancakes,pretzels,muffins,cereals,popcorn,pasta,and rice

What is the purpose of milk when baking?

Some say that milk will make pastries fluffier.

How do you purpose a grill?

pour milk on it ;)

How do you make ice cream using other foods?

"Ice cream" type desserts can be made using many milk substitutes such as soy milk, almond milk and coconut milk.

What is the Purpose of milk?

No one cares get a life fat chocolate milk loving kids

Using your knowledge of emzymes explain milk that has been boiled and covered keeps longer than fresh milk?

Using your knowledge of enzymes explain milk that has been boiled and covered keeps longer than fresh milk?

What is the purpose of animals in farmsville?

The purpose of animals on farmsville is to sell their eggs, milk, etc.

Can you use all purpose cream as an alternative to whipping cream when making yogurt?

Recipes I have used, and that came with my yogurt maker say you can use: Whole milk 2% milk 1% milk Fat free milk Soy Milk or Almond milk to make yogurt. I have never seen a recipe using cream for yogurt making. So I think all purpose cream would make a heavy yogurt and so would whipping cream. When I made yogurt using 2% milk it is much lighter than yogurt make with whole milk and takes longer to cure. The yogurt maker suggested 10 hours for whole milk yogurt and 12 hours for 2% yogurt. Good luck.