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Q: What is the queen of England name in 2017?
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What is the Queen's name?

The queen name is Queen Elizabeth.That is the queen of England.

What is queen of England family name?

The family name of the Queen of England is Windsor

What is the Queen of England's maiden name?

The Queen's maiden name was Windsor.

What is the Queen of England's first name?

Elizabeth. She is Queen of the United Kingdom of which England is a part of.

What is the scientific name or taxonomic classification of the Rose flower Queen of England?

The scientific or taxonomic name would be Rosa 'Queen of England'.

What was the name of queen victories husbund?

what was the name of queen Victoria's husband

Name of Victorian queen of England?


What is my name Hint ; #Queen#England?


What is the name of the queen of England who vowed as a young girl I will be good?

Queen Victoria

Was a Queen of England first name started with a v?

Yes there was Queen Victoria.

Who was the Queen of England in 1800?

the only reson i wont to know the queen of England name in the 1800,sis because she is my ancenter

What was the name of the man who ruled England when there was no king or queen?

It was me