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Q: What is the rail of a cabinet?
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What is a cabinet rail?

Cabinet rail is a frame that is constructed on the boarders of the cabinet in wood working. It can be either be simple for support purpose or can be for decoration purpose.

What is a cabinet stile?

The stile is basically the frame of the cabinet behind the door. Your cabinet is faced with rails and stiles and then the door is attached to a stile on one side or the other. If it runs verticle, it's called a stile. If it runs horizontally, it's called a rail. Hope this helps Generally the cabinet door itself will contain rails and stiles also.

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What is a cabinet bed?

A cabinet bed is a combination of a cabinet and a bed.

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Cabinet is a noun (whether it be a wooden cabinet in the kitchen or the President's cabinet)

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A Hogged Rail is the surface defect of the rail in which the rail ends are bent downword at the joints.

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