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50mm per year in the interior, on the coast up to 200mm per year.

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Yearly rainfall at the south pole?

Zero. Water would freeze.

What is the name of the two far end poles of magnet?

North pole, and south pole.North pole, and south pole.North pole, and south pole.North pole, and south pole.

What is the landscape of the south pole?

The terrain around the South Pole is consistently flat. Ice is fluid enough to settle to a flat surface if left undisturbed, and the underlying rock isn't geologically active, nor is there any rainfall to sculpt it.

How many miles is it from the south pole to the north pole?

It takes about 12,450.5 miles from the north pole to the south pole or south pole to north pole.

Where is Antarctica South Pole or North Pole?

South Pole

Does the south pole or the north pole have landmass?

south pole

Which is warmer the north pole or the south pole?

south pole

What has the coldest place north pole or south pole?

its south pole

What hemisphere is the south pole in?

the south pole is in the SOUTHERN hemisphere of course!!!! That is why it is called the SOUTH pole!!

Where is Arctic North pole or South pole?

the arctic is the north pole antarctica is the south pole :)

Is the Arctic North Pole or South Pole?

The Arctic is the North Pole. Antarctica is the South Pole.

What is the average rainfall for south Korea?

South Korea has moderate annual rainfall.

Why is the North Pole and south pole so hot?

The North Pole and South Pole are both quite cold.

North pole and south pole represent what degrees latitude?

North Pole 90° North. South Pole 90° South.

What is the annual rainfall in the north pole?

It is 0 inches

What is the annual average rainfall in the north pole?


How do the poles work?

The north pole points to the north.The south pole points to the south. The north pole points to the north.The south pole points to the south.

Why do South Pole and South Pole flip?

They don't. The South Pole has remained fixed and motionless, at the precise location of the South Pole, since the Earth was formed.

Are there poles at the north and south poles?

There is no pole at the geographical North Pole. However, there is a ceremonial pole located at the South Pole (close to the geographical South Pole).

Does the south pole have a longitude?

No, the south pole does not have a longitude as all lines of longitude converge at the south pole.

Is the South Pole in the Arctic?

No. The South Pole is in the Antarctic. The North Pole is in the Arctic.

Is Antarctica north pole or south pole?

You can find the South Pole in Antarctica.

What point on earth is farthest from the north pole?

The South Pole

How many degrees is south pole?

The South Pole is 90° South.

What are the names of the south poles?

The name of the South Pole is: South Pole.

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