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What is the rarest Pokemon you can get before you face the elite four?

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The answer isn't Lugia.

Answerno its not lugia because you can get it without cheating on soul silver

so i think Arceas or MEW is the rarest

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Yes, you can catch Rayquaza at the top of Sky Pillar before facing the Elite 4.

no. You never get badges from the Elite four. You have to have them all in the region before you even face them. Hope I helped, :D

You get to the Pokemon league and you face the elite 4, koga,Bruno,and the other 2Then you face the league champion.

the elite four, you battle him before u actally begin, after that every 5 battles with the elite 4 you face him again

After the elite four. Can't miss it. You face Reshiram before you face N. the light stone reacts to Zekroms pressence

An elite four is four elite Pokemon trainers who, after you get all eight badges, should be waiting to face you. These are four of the strongest trainers you will battle, unless there is a fifth person (rival) who you will have to face one after another with no Pokemon centers or poke marts.

You go to this one room where you face your enemy who also has beaten the elite four then you face him and if you win you become Pokemon champion

it depends on which Pokemon game you are using.However, your Pokemon should always be at the minimum level of 43 when facing the Elite 4 to stand a chance.

you fimd Zekrom after you beat the elite four the first time but before you face team plasmas leader N.

The best place to train your pokemon before you face the Elite four is most probably Victory road. You can even train by fighting the elite four... just battle them without restoring your pokemons health, you'll definately not be able to defeat them all but however many pokem you beat gives good xp.

To face the Elite 4 a second time, you need to have: Met with Lorelei on Island 4. Completed the Ruby/Sapphire plot (involving Rockets.) Lorelei will return to the Elite 4 and you can then face them again.

Did you deliver the ruby and sapphire yet to celio if not you need to before you can face the elite four.

you face the elite four iv faced the elite four but i still need six more Pokemon in my pokedex

unfortunately the trainer who has milotic is Cynthia so you have to beat the elite 4 in the Pokemon league before you can face her LOL THANK YOU I THOUGHT I HAD TO EVOLVE A FEEBAS (CANT EVEN CATCH 1)

yes they do, but the highest lvl Pokemon you will face is no more than 75 which is your rivals starter Pokemon

You can't get the national pokedex before facing the elite four as the elite four has Pokemon that you need to fill your pokedex that you can only get by winning against the elite four. Also, depending on if you are playing Diamond or Pearl the only way you can see Dialga or Palkia after catching the one for your game (at the spear pillar)is from the book that the elder shows you in Celestic town after you defeat the elite four.

as a seen Pokemon just face the fourth elite four at the Pokemon league. as a caught Pokemon you need to trade a kadabra over and back.

You can face them when ever you want you don't have to have the national pokedex you can still face them as long as you have the 8 badges.

the easiest way for me is to give it exp.share and face the elite 4

if you beat the elite four, you will go on to face N, who defeated the champ alder. before you battle N, he will heal your Pokemon for you. before you battle him, you will also get a chance to battle zekrom and catch it, and you can put it in your party. i would recommend putting it in your party since it has a super effective move against reshiram, which N starts with.