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The rarest item on AnimalJam is either the skully or the orange beard.


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the rarest item is the four leave-clover

a worn blanket thats not purple is the rarest item. i think.

i don't know what the rarest item is. but if you speak to wisp the ghost, he gives you a rare item if you find his lamp for him!

You need to be underwater otherwise it is a useless item!

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something from the movies signed by the cast

Diamonds. But in the next update (which is 1.3) emeralds are going to be the rarest item in the game.

Probably the town hall model as it is the hardest thing to get.

a dog it is actually the pink heart stage o_O

the webkinz loading chair it is the rarest item to possibly find on webkinz and troughout webkinz world but it comes up everyonce in a while i found it once but sold it sadly and i havent found it since

i dont know exactly but starsword breaker is prety rare now. corecting myself escherion or hydra armor are the rarest drops -rarest thing i have that i see no one with is the platinum axe of destiny

they could drop dragon gaulet, which is around 100k

Rare items in the shops have a four-leaf clover on the tag.

probably be the most expensive thing you have. So keep it safe.

The Rarest Webkinz Is The Original Cheeky Dog, Sells For $800+A Great View Of Retireds At Well, that actually wasn't the question, whoever answered first. The question was 'What is the rarest retired Webkinz ITEM'. Well, to be quite honest I'm not sure myself. I know the rarest retired PET items though. Those would be the brown Cheeky Dog item, the B&W Cheeky Dog Stove, the Love Puppy couch, and the Cheeky Cat item, as far as I know. Oh, and probably the Basset Hound Detective Desk as well, considering not many people have that (but I do!)

The rarest Pokemon is a shiny legendary Pokemon holding a really rare item.

an animaljam code for a free membership is butterfly

I think its the Signature Golden Retriver. Panda close second. BUT the item of the signature webkinz the rarest is the panda slide.(i have both :3 friend me username;mstiegz

Skullies are no longer in AnimalJam because they looked inappropiate on pandas.

Well there are probably a few rare items, it's hard to say the "rarest".

The rarest item in runescape is in fact, not the Christmas cracker. It is the war ship. there are very few, if any left in the game. They once spawned in runescape classic in the gnome stronghold as toys, but very few ever kept them as they were worthless at the time. In the transition to runescape 2, they became discontinued.

A toyfare exlusive glow radioactive homer in mint condition. It is worth hundreds of dollars

To get wings on animaljam you will have to buy them from the store. Or you can trade fair items for them. THIS IS A EASY QUESTION o3o

Its a player in animaljam

Founder's hat is a very rare item and not many jammers have one. The only way to get one is trading. Trading is the only way to get a Founder's hat.

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