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Knocking sounds like someone repeatedly rapping the engine with a hammer, and the quieter pinging resembles marbles being shaken inside a tin can. Knocking and pinging are actually symptoms of abnormal combustion in an engine, mostly heard when it is under heavier load, during acceleration as opposed to cruising. What causes abnormal combustion? Many things, some of them avoidable and some of them not, but the common solution to almost all of them is gasoline with a higher octane rating

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01 gmc Yukon rear end make noise when turn any side?

make noise when turn any side

What causes a popping noise when accelerating in an 01 windstar?

Bad ignition coil

How many quarts of transmission fluid does an 01 Toyota Tacoma V6 take?

According to our local Toyota dealership, the Toyota Tacoma Double Cab V6 takes between 4 and 4.5 quarts of transmition fluid.

Were to find a headache rack with light bar for a 2001 Toyota tacoma?

Headrack makes a headache rack for the '01 Tacoma

What causes the whistling noise coming from the engine for an 01 galant?

whistling noise from engine will be caused by a leaky gasket,sucking air. this is usually the intake manifold gasket

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How much hp does a Toyota Tacoma have?

It has about 236HP depends what year my '01 has 3.4L V6 = 190 hp with k&n air filter ups 3-5hp

What does a noisy rear differential on a Mountaineer sound like?

it sounds like a humming or whinning noise, what year is the truck if its from like 01 or up those trucks have a lot of wheel bearinig problems that some one might misdiagnose as a differential noise or it could be chopped tires making the noise.

01 Forester makes buzzing noise when accelerating pitch gets higher stepping on gas and gets lower when coasting to lower speed seems to go along with change in rpms new LF axle inaudible at 65mph?

You should check if the clutch is still OK. When it gets worn out, the engine 'races' to high revs ( with high pitch) when you accelerate. When driving without much load on the engine, that is, for example, coasting on the straight and a higher speed, the engine will sound fine but try to accelerate harder and the 'revving up' will show up again.

What causes a Humming noise when you oush the brake or turn the wheel on your 01 F 350?

Power steering pump worn, or low on fluid

WHY MY 01 ford focus makes a sound like the big trucks makes when it is going on reverce?

If this noise is a beeping noise the car has back up sensors in it and will beep if you are close to something if any other noises are present please submit.

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Possibly the wheel bearings

What could cause a 2000 Chevy Prizm to have a rattling sound under the hood?

Check your oil it could be a lifter rattle. But you should always have it diagnosed by a qualified professional like at a dealership and get an estimate. I have a 99 and an 01 that does the same thing and was told that it was a tensioner issue on both.

What causes 01 Hyundai sante fe to hesitate when stepping on the gas?

Have you had your spark plugs or wires changed? The hesitiation when you step on the gas could be related to a firing issue. If you accelerate on the gas to go right away does it seem rough?

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