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The shamrock is a symbol of Ireland because it grows there. It is a symbol of the Holy Trinity because St. Patrick used its three-part leaf to illustrate this doctrine to his congregation.

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Q: What is the real meaning of the shamrock?
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Where did the word 'shamrock' originate?

The English word shamrock dreived in the 1570s from the Irish word seamrog, a diminutive form of seamar, meaning clover.

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Origin of word shamrock?

From Irish 'seamróg' meaning 'little clover'.

What is drowning the shamrock?

My guess would be it's a insider-phrase of getting drunk, or "wetting the pipes."The meaning of "drowning the shamrock" is from years past in Ireland.The Shamrock was worn to show unity and to show the Trinity. As the men worn their shamrock on their left breast of their chest they would celebrate St. Patrick's day most times in the local pub.Now here is where drowning the shamrock gets it's meaning. The very last drink of the night the guys would place their shamrock into the drink that they would have and since it was in the drink it was called; drowning the shamrock.I had heard this from my Grandmother when I was younger.

What did patrich say the three leaf shamrock symbolized?

The three leaf shamrock resembles the holy trinity. The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit all meaning one with God.

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Why did the Irish begin to wear shamrocks?

It is their (Christian) belief that Saint Patrick, in the fifth century, used the shamrock to "explain" the concept of 3 divine persons existing as one being (father,son, and spirit = god). Three leaves on the shamrock but one plant. The word "shamrock" comes from the Gaelic "seamrog" = seamar (pronounced shammar) meaning "clover",' and "og" , meaning young. Baby clover.

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Where is a shamrock located?

Shamrock is a plant native to Ireland

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What is the word 'Shamrock' in Japanese?

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Which country has the shamrock as one of its symbols?

The Shamrock is a symbol of Ireland.

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Where did the shamrock come from?

The shamrock comes from the Irish custom and is known as Ireland's national symbol. The Irish used the shamrock as a folklore of luck.

Shamrock is a symbol of what mystery?

The shamrock is a symbol of the mystery of the trinity. Saint Patrick used the shamrock to explain the trinity to the Irish people.