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What is the real name of Kane?

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Glen Jacobs

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What Brandon Kane real name?

Brandon Kane

Has more than one athlete wrestles under the name of Kane?

Nope. If they took his name Kane then the real Kane would beat the heck out of them saying that he is the real Kane "Red Machine."

What is bk real name?

bk's real name is Brandon Kane

Why was he called Kane?

Because undertakers real brothers name was Kane

What is Chelsea Kane real name?

chelsea kane u know some of the actresses or actors have their real name on a tv show!!

What was Kane' s and the undertakers last name?

They are not related! Kane real name is Glenn Jacobs Undertakers real name is Mark Calaway

What is Kane's real name from 99.5?

his name is Kane

What is the old Kane real name?

Kane's real name is glenn Jacobs

What is Kane real name?

Glen Jacobs

What Kane real name?

The Big Red Machine's real name is Glenn Jacobs.

Who is Kane in real life?

Kane's real name is Glenn Jacobs.

What is D. Woods from Danity Kane real name?

Her real name is Wanita woodgette

What is killer Kane's real name?

His real name is Kennith Kane, but people call him Kenny.

Who was The 1st Kane - WWE - real name?

Glenn Jacobs is the only Kane

What is Kane the wrestlers real name?

Glen Jacobs

What is the wrestler Kane real name?

glenn somthing

What is the real name of WWE Kane?

Glen Jacobs

What is christian Kane real last name?


What is Kane and undertakers real name?

Undertajer is called Mark Callaway and Kane is called Glenn Jacobs

Do the undertaker and Kane have the same mom?

Kane and undertaker have the same mom but not dad because Kane's real name is Glenn Thomas and the undertaker real name is Mark William so they don't have the real dad.

What is max's real name in Freak the Mighty?

Max's name is Maxwell Kane.

What is the real name of WWE superstar Kane?

Gleen Jacobs

What is the real name of the WWE wrestler Kane?

Glen Jacobs

What is Chelsea Staubs real name?

Chelsea Kane staub

Is Patrick Kanes real name Patrick Kane?