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shannen doherty is prue

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What is billy's real name off of charmed?

Her Real life name is Kaley Cuoco.

Who is Pru Halliwell?

Pru Halliwell is a main fictional character in the TV series, "Charmed." The character was killed off after the first few seasons.

What is phobe sisters real name off of charmed?

phoebes real name is alyssa milano

What is pages real name off of Charmed?

Paige Matthews from Charmed was played by Hollywood actress Rose McGowan

What is billy's sisters real name off of charmed?

Christy is portrayed by Marnette Patterson

Who is the characters of charmed?

In Charmed there are different characters in each season, as well as the recurring ones.Main Characters - The sister witches:Piper Halliwell (Holly Marie Combs) - All SeasonsPhoebe Halliwell (Alyssa Milano) - All SeasonsPaige Halliwell ( Rose McGowan) - Seasons 4-8Prue/Prudence Halliwell (Shannen Doherty) - Seasons 1-3Other recurring characters:Leo (Piper's Husband) - Brian Krause - most episodes throughout seasons 1-8Wyatt Halliwell (Piper&Leo's first son) - most episodes throughout seasons 5-8Chris Halliwell (Piper&Leo's second son) - most episodes from end of season 6 to season 8Patty Halliwell (The sisters' mother) - several episodes throughout all seasonsPenny Halliwell (the sisters' grams) - several episodes throughout all seasonsCole (Phoebe's demonic husband) - most episodes throughout seasons 3-4Inspector Morris (Cop/friend of the witches) - several throughout all seasonsAndy (Prue's on/off boyfriend) - several episodes throughout seasons 1-2Demons & Warlocks etc. - single episodes or sometimes several throughout all seasonsI Love Charmed!:)

Is there a show called charmed the next generation?

No, Charmed ended and there was no spin-off made.

Will they make charmed the next ganerations chronicles?

Currently, there is no plan for a spin off off Charmed. Many fans are pushing for it though.

What was the cops name on charmed?

Andy: Prue's on and off boyfriend Darryl: Andy's friend, later also from the sisters.

When is Carly off of icarlys real name?

Her real name is Miranda Cosgrove.

What is eward off of twilight real name?

his real name is Robert Pattinson

What sams real name off of icarly?

Her real name is Jennette McCurdy.

What is glozell1 off of youtube real name?

Her real name is GloZell Green

What is mitzi off hollyoaks is real name?

Her real name is Rachel Shenton

Will there be a spin off of charmed?

As of July 2014, there is no plan to have a spin off of the hit show Charmed. There have been talks of a reboot of the series, but no official confirmation.

What is Alley off Degrassi's real name?

Alli's real name is Melinda Shankar.

What is ravi's real name off of Jessie?

Ravi's real name is Karan Brar.

What is Tawni off of Sonny With a Chance real name?

Tawni's real name is Tiffany Thornton

What is Kane's real name off of WWE?

Kane's real name is Glenn Thomas Jacobs.

What is tori off victorious real name?

Her real name is Victoria Justice (she's rocks!! ^_^)

What is Gibby's real name off icarly?

His real name is Noah Munck.

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