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What is the reason Retreat is played on a military base at the end of the day?

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Retreat is played for the lowering of the colors (FLAG).

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What song is played while lowering the US flag?

The bugle call that accompanies the daily lowering of the flag on a US military base is called 'Retreat'.

What song is played during the lowering of the American flag?

it is TAPS If this question pertains to a military base during the lowering of the colors(flag), then this awnser is wrong. Retreat is played for the lowering of the colors and TAPS is played around 2200 HOURS(Lights Out)

How do you get on a military base?

first, have a reason. second, secure a visitor's pass at the gate. Another option would just be to join the military and get on the base with your ID card.

Does a base runner have to retreat all the way to the base between pitches?


How many people died in the constration camp david?

Camp David was not a concentration camp in World War 2. It is a military base in the USA and a retreat place for the President of the United States.

The retreat of the Chinese communist party in 1934 over the distance of more than 9000 kilometers in order to escape from the encircled military base of kiangsi has been called?

the long march

Can you have a ferret on a military base?

Ferrets are prohibited on many military bases. You will have to check with the military base

What it played on a military base in the beginning of the day?

Reveille is played in the morning around 0600 Hours for the raising of the colors(FLAG).

Is there military base in Cairo Egypt?

Is there military base in Cairo Egypt

Do Hawaii have military bases?

Yes, there are military bases in Hawaii. The Navy base in Hawaii is Pearl Harbor but also known as a military base but there is another military base nearby Pearl Harbor is called Hickam Air Force base. Coast guard base and marine base are also military bases in Hawaii.

Does Wrangell Island have a military base?

There was a U.S. military base there from 1867 to 1877.

Can you be born on military base can you still be US president?

Yes, if it is a US military base.

Can a retired Canadian military person shop at a US military base exchange?

BX's arent military only, if you can get on base you can shop there.

What is the biggest Military base in the US?

Fort Hood, Texas, is the biggest military base in the world.

Is Pearl Harbor a military base?

Yes, Pearl Harbor is military base in Honolulu Hawaii.

When was Base Borden Military Museum created?

Base Borden Military Museum was created in 199#.

What is the definition for military base?

A military base is a facility directly owned and operated by or for the military or one of its branches that shelters military equipment and personnel, and facilitates training and operations.

I have a Bad Conduct Discharge from the military can I still get a Government jov on a military base as a civial servant?

check with AG office of the militarybase

What happens if you get a DUI on a military base?

what happens if you are a dependent in the army and live in a Louisiana military base and get a dwi

What does a military base need?

A military base needs frozen zombies just like the one in Canada!

Where are the handiness classes on sims 3?

The military base, Fort Gnome Military Base I think its called. :):)

If a runner reaches second base then retreats can the runner still be forced out at second?

If s/he touches Second Base he can't retreat.

What is the reason in favor of annexation of the Philippines?

The US needed a military base to view Japan in the second world war then Korea in the cold war. The Philippines are in a perfect position to do this so we annexed it and built a base

Does Africa have a military base?


Can a convicted felon live on a military base while the spouse is enlisted in the military?

check with the AG section on base....................