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Not an ailment, just the menopause. If it goes on too long or is worrying you see a doctor.

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Q: What is the reason for having two periods in one month at the age of 46?
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What makes you have two periods in one month age 29?

Factors such as stress, extreme weight loss or weight gain and certain medications can make you have two periods in one month. If you are a healthy woman, age 29, you should only be having one period each month.

Why would you be having two periods in one month at age 42?

you could be experiencing menopause but you should go to your doctor for a physical

Why do you get frequent periods?

You get frequent periods, as in once a month, from the age of about 11 right through to the menopause. The reason why you get periods is because it is the body's way of letting you know that an egg that has been released from an ovary was not fertilized, so you are not pregnant.

At what age do you stop having periods?

Some people say at the age of 40

What age can you conceive?

As long as you're having periods you can get pregnant.

What age do you start having periods?

The average age you start having periods is 13 years old, but anything between 8 years old and 18 years old is completely normal - everyone is different.

What is the limiting age for being pregnant?

As long as you're having periods you can get pregnant.

What could be the problem if you are over 45 years old and have several periods a month?

Early stages of menopause. As women age, especially after age 40, their periods are very erratic. Some go months without a period and some have several in a month.

Do 12 year old boys have a time of the month?

A "time of the month" usually means a menstrual period. Males of any age do not have periods.

Why am I still having periods at 56?

If a woman is still having periods at age 56, genetics may be a cause. Her doctor may want to run some tests to rule out medical problems.

Is it normal to just stop having periods at age 48?

Yes, it's normal to just stop having periods at the age of 48. Menopause is normal from around ages 45-55, menopause is when your body starts to stop ovulating - as you no longer ovulate you no longer menstruate.

Could I be pregnant at age 47?

As long as you are having periods (even sporadic periods) you can get pregnant. Even though women are into menopause they can go several months to a year before having another period and still get pregnant.

How does late age affect pregnancy?

Because when girls stop having periods, they cant get pregnant any more.

What is the age to have periods?

Normally girls have periods at the age of 12 or 13. But the age starts from 9 to 16.

What causes menstrual cycle to cease at an older age?

periods are controlled by hormones in your body. as you get older you produce less hormones so you stop having your periods. its knon as the menopause.

Does Madonna still have periods?

Well i really don't know, but that depends on her body. Most women stop having there periods around the age of 45-54.So she either had menopause, is going through it, or stop having her period already.

What can stop you from having periods?

Nothing. You will have periods all your life until about the age of maybe 65. Sorry I'm 15 and hate them. My mom always asks when I have them and if they are heavy or light EWW!

What is a list of the periods of the stone age?

There were many periods of what is referred to as the Stone Age. These periods were the Lower Paleolithic, Early Stone Age, Middle Paleolithic, Middle Stone Age, Upper Paleolithic, and the Late Stone Age.

Can you get your navel pierced if you don't have your periods?

One has nothing to do with the other....unless the reason you don't have your periods is because you are too young. In which case, you may be below the age of consent for body piercings in your country.

Can you get your menstrual cycle twice in a month?

It is possible to have your period twice in one month, but you should see a gynecologist right away if you are having a period this often. You might need to be put on birth control to help regulate your periods. It is common among young women to have unpredictable periods. The best bet is to see your gynecologist to make sure you are healthy. I have a problem about my daughter menstrual period. she is the age 16years old. why one month twice the come menstrual period . That is my problem about my daughter she said me.

I am Ttc age 25.I had my periods on last periods were on 26Dec.I got my periods earlier this month.I had unprotected sex on 2nd Feb.I am having reddish discharge frm yester is it implantation?

It could be. Take a test on 16th February

What are the odds of getting pregnant at the age of 16?

If you have started your periods and you are having regular unprotected sex the chances of getting pregnant are quite high.

At what age do women quit having periods?

Women usually lose there period around the age of 50. But other people may lose it older or younger, it depends on your body, and genetics

Your joints are paining and you have not got your periods yet is this could be a sign of pms?

if your around that age, your not pregnant and its been way more than a month, most likely

What are the odds of getting pregnant at age 45 after a uterine ablation procedure and not having full periods with bleeding just cramping and a spot of blood each month?

I hope very slim to none. I just had the uterine ablation procedure, and I am 50. I am not on any other birth control.