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What is the recipi for cheese dip cheese dummy?


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2010-10-01 18:14:09
2010-10-01 18:14:09

cheese dip cheese dummy is not a cheese dip nor does it have a recipi for it


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You can buy Blue Cheese Dip at a supermarket.

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Real cheese dip will go bad in a few hours if left out of the refrigerator. If the cheese dip is in the refrigerator it should last about a week.

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There are several cheese dip recipes which can be used. Cold cheese dip recipes would be the best option as one wishes to make ahead of time and want to transport . One of the cooking websites that have such recipes is They have 15 cheese dip recipes.

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Arkansans lay claim to the invention of cheese dip. Originating in Hot Springs, cheese dip was invented when a Mexican man started serving melted cheese as a snack in a local restaurant in the 1930s. Cheese dip is different than the traditional Mexican dish queso, which is purely cheese. Cheese dip includes meats, vegetables, spices and any other special ingredients. As a result of cheese dip's origins, many Arkansas restaurants today boast special recipes for unique flavors of cheese dips.

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melt the cheese and dip the strawberries in them. yum....

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