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The red book value is used to tell you an estimate of the vehicle you own is worth or other items for that matter. In order to find out the value of your 1988 GMC truck, more information would be needed. For example, what is the condition of the inside and outside of the truck? How many miles are on the truck? What truck do you have specifically, is it a pick up truck or SUV? These things can change the appraisal amount of your vehicle.

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Q: What is the red book value of a 1988 GMC truck?
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What is the value of a 1988 GMC 6500 truck with a van body?


I need to know the value of my 1988 GMC truck for my financial report for divorce court?

You can find out the value by using kelly blue book. They have a website too.

Will 1994 GMC Wheels fit a 1988 GMC Truck?

yes it does

What truck values can be found in the Kelley Blue Book?

Any truck value can be found in Kelly Blue Book. On Kelly Blue Book, one can find the retail value, the private sale value, and the trade in value. what is the blue book value of a 1997 GMC Diesel Top Kick series

What is the book value of a 1997 gmc 3 door 4x4 automatic pick up truck?


What is the value of a 1988 gmc pickup?

Click the link.

What is the kelley blue book value for a 1978 gmc pickup truck truck?

Pending on condition, I would say it good condition it could go from 1,500 to 3000 with no aftermarket parts.

Where is modules for fuel injectors located on 91 gmc sierra truck?

= Fuel Injector, 1988-95 GMC TRUCK C SERIES [INCLUDES TRUCK & SUBURBAN] 5.7L = Where is the module for the fuel injectors located?

Why won't the dashboard lights and the tail lights turn on in a 1988 GMC truck?

Probably a fuse

What is the Kelly Blue Book value for a 2008 GMC Sierra?

The suggested retail value for a 2008 GMC Sierra is $42,835 according to the Kelly Blue Book value. The trade in value is from $32,225 to $36,625 depending on the condition of the 2008 GMC Sierra.

What years are parts interchangeble with a 1989 GMC sierra?

1988 to 2000 GMC & Chevrolet pickup truck parts are, for the most part, interchangeable.

Are parts from a 1995 gmc 1500 truck compatible with a 1988 truck?

The GMC auto company made many of their parts interchangeable. So depending on the parts you need there are parts from 1988-1995 can be used in vehicle models from those same years.

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