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Agriculture uses specialization and specialization does not

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Q: What is the relationship between agriculture and specialization?
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What is the relationship between the development of agriculture and culture?

The relationship between the development of agriculture and culture is that both are affected by history and environment.

What is relationship between agriculture and statistics?

Agriculture uses statistics, statistics does not use agriculture.

What is the relationship between specialization and trade and changing employment partners?

specialization depends on trade that is specialization leads to mass production and hence need for market for the surplus.

What is the relationship between the locations of early human settlements and agriculture?


What did Ford production of model T'S demonstrated the economic relationship between specialization and?

greater efficiencies in production.

Which of these lists accurately describes the sequence of events leading up to a chiefdom?

Job specialization, then development of agriculture, then social stratification

What was the specialization of labor in Ancient Egypt?

Agriculture(farming) irrigation Architecture(building)

What are the 2 most important advances of the neolithic revolution?

agriculture and specialization of labor

What was direct cause of job specialization in early human civilization?

Development of agriculture

During the Industrial Revolution a mutually beneficial relationship developed between industry and?


What is the difference between a specialization hierarchies and specialization lattices?

Specialization Hierarchy - has the constraint that every subclass participates asa subclass in only one class/subclass relationship, i.e. that each subclass hasonly one parent. This results in a tree structure.Specialization Lattice - has the constraint that a subclass can be a subclass of morethan one class/subclass relationship.

What is the relationship between climate and agriculture?

the climate decides whether the produce will be good by helping it grow or not

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