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Stars are made of hydrogen and helium, Galaxies are made of stars, a Universe is well, everything by God.

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Q: What is the relationship between galaxies stars and the universe?
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What is the relationship between the solar system galaxies and the universe?

The Universe contains the galaxy's which contain the solar systems which contain the planets and stars.

What is the relationship with the universe galaxies solar systems stars and planets?

They are all within the Universe

What is the connection between galaxies and the universe?

Like our galaxy contains billions of stars, the universe contains billions of galaxies.

What is the difference between universe and stars?

A galaxy contains billions of stars. A universe contains billions of galaxies.

What are all stars and galaxies in?

All stars and galaxies are in the universe.

What are all the stars and galaxies in?

The Universe.

All the stars and galaxies are in this?

The Universe.

What has all the stars and galaxies in them?

the universe is made up of galaxies

Are there stars in between galaxies?

Yes, there are stars between galaxies. When there are collisions or interactions between galaxies, stars can be ripped out of the galaxies. These stars will then wander into space between galaxies. Such stars have been observed with the Hubble Space Telescope.

What is stars hometown?

in the space or galaxies or in the universe

Which objects began to form in your universe earlier stars or galaxies?

Galaxies are the massive collection of stars. Therefore galaxies could not have formed without stars.

What is the relationship between the expanding universe and the distances between stars and galaxies?

This is mostly theory, Galaxies are made of billions of stars. For some reason Galaxy's hold on to their stars. We do not really understand how galaxy's can yet hold their form like this. Our math so far has trouble with making sense of this. When comparing one galaxy to another, size becomes so large words are hard to describe the distance of space. There is an an incredible amount of space between everything out there. What is the distance between galaxies, why is it there, The expanding universe is trying to explain the growing spaces between galaxies yet the galaxies appear to stay bound to themselves.

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