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Solubility Product Constant, Ksp is the equilibrium constant for a solid substance dissolving in an aqueous solution. Molar solubility is the number of moles of a substance (the solute) that can be dissolved per liter.


Ksp = [Mm+]n[An-]m

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What does the solubility product constant tell us about a compound?

It gives us an indication of its solubility in water. A large solubility constant (Ksp) means it is easily water-soluble. A small Ksp means it is generally insoluble in water.

What can be determined if the ion product is compared to the solubility product constant?

Whether a substance will precipitate can be determined if the ion product is compared to the solubility product constant. The value of any given equilibrium constant is accurate only at a specific temperature.

What does solubility product constant represent?

This is product beween the ions concentration.

How does hot distilled water affect solubility product constant?

The solubility product increases with temperature for endothermic dissolving processes.

Why doesn't table salt have a solubility product constant?

NaCl dissolve so easily that it is not even given a solubility product constant, as this value ( also known as the Ksp) tells us the solubility for compounds that don't readily dissolve.

What is the solubility product constant k?

For a compound AB it is the result of the product [A].[B] in solution.

What is the purpose of a precipitation titration?

To determine the equilibrium constant or the solubility product of a compound.

The relationship between two variables whose product is constant?

Each is inversely proportional to the other.

What is the different between solubility and solubility product in 500 words?

Solubility: the total amount of a solute dissolved in a solvent, at a given temperature, pressure and at saturation.Ex.: Sodium chloride - 359 g/L at room temperature.Solubility product: the concentration of the first ion multiplied by the concentration of the second ion, released by the dissociation of an ionic compound, at equilibrium. The appreciation is made with the solubility product constant:Ksp = [A].[B]Ex.: Lithium fluorideKsp = [Li+].[F-] = 3,8.10-3

Why potassium chromate is more soluble than silver chloride?

due to the solubility product constant(ksp)

Why should excess complexing agent be avoided in gravimetric analysis?

To increase solubility product constant by complexation

Does the small values of the equilibrium constant indicate the insolubility of any compound?

Insolubility, or more correctly, solubility, is measured by the solubility product constant. They are expressed in a number times 10 to a negative power, in very insoluble compounds.

What is the relationship between wavelength and light energy?

The product of wavelength and light energy is a constant, wE=hc =2E-25 Jm.

What is the solubility product constant Ksp for CaF2 The solubility of CaF2 is 0.00021 M.?

CaF2 Ca(2+) +2F(-) Ksp=(x)(4x^2) where x=solubility Therefore, Ksp=3.7 x 10^-11

What is the gas law which has an inverse relationship between pressure and volume?

At constant temperature, the product of pressure and volume is a constant, or pressure is inversely proportional to volume, is known as Boyle's Law.

What is the relationship between the numerators of the factors and the numerators of the product?

The relationship between the factors and the product is that they are both fractions.

Is AgBr insoluble in water?

Yes, AgBr is insoluble in water.You can use the Ksp (the solubility product) to determine the solubility.Ksp = 5.0 x 10^-13 and the equilibrium equation is AgBr(s) Ag+ + Br-This video explains it in great detail:www . khanacademy.org/science/chemistry/acid-base-equilibrium/copy-of-solubility-equilibria-mcat/v/solubility-from-the-solubility-product-constant

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