What is the relevance of philosophy to accounting?

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Much of philosophy is concerned with morals and ethics. Accoutancy is all about - or should be all about - ethical accounting of business transactions. The current malaise in the financial markets shows that morals and ethics have not been as prominent as they probably ought to have been in the minds of many people.
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What is conservative accounting philosophy?

Mattessich, R.: . What is conservative accounting philosophy? . Prerequisite: What is "conservative accounting? It is the practice of recording and presenting financial statements based on cautious principles such as "acquisition cost or market value whichever is lower" (instead of the prese ( Full Answer )

What is Philosophy?

Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. It's core aspects value critical thought and logical reasoning. Philosophy is the foundation on which all progressive, intellectual thought is built. There are t ( Full Answer )

Is Mahtama Gandhi philosophy relevant today?

Answer . Gandhi's philosophy included ideas such as the following: (1) Gandhi believed that at the core of every religion was truth and love (compassion, nonviolence and The Golden Rule). In fact, later in his life when he was asked whether he was a Hindu, he replied: "Yes I am. I am also a C ( Full Answer )

Is classical republican philosophy relevant today?

One of the main features of classical republican philosophy is afocus on civic virtue, which is as relevant today as it ever hasbeen. The roots of classical republicanism can be traced back tothe Renaissance.

What is philosophy if not?

All human sense data accrues as experience.This experience is no way different from any animal.Human brain supposed to be more superior than rest of the animal kingdom.So could invent language which is a platform for knowledge to operate. Since this knowledge is only an imposed object over the rea ( Full Answer )

What is philosophy for?

Answer Answering questions about what things are for. Or alternatively, Asking the question: What is anything for? Seriously speaking, philosophy is the basis of all knowledge, because it teaches critical and creative thinking. All contemporary disciplines grew out of philosophy. Some, l ( Full Answer )

What is a philosophy?

Philospophy is a belief system of one or more groups. Commonly agruing what exist and what are the essential natures. Philosophia is a lover of wisdom, and PhiloMath is a lover of knowledge.

What is relevant?

Only the things that matter. Something that pertains to a particular situation. Information that is related to a topic.

Why philosophy is relevant in today's world?

Philosophy is relevant in the world today as it provides guidanceto particular fields of life. Through philosophy, there manyessential discoveries that have been made.

The relevance of ict to accounting?

Information computer technology, or ICT, is a common method forconducting accounting services. The relevance of ICT to accountingis the capabilities it offers. Users are able to increase theiraccuracy, speed up their service delivery, and share importantaccounting data across many platforms.

How accounting provide relevant data?

Accounting provides the business with data such as debt, growth ofthe company and the effect of added investment. Accounting data canallow the decision makers in a company to make decisions that willnot endanger the financial direction of the company.

What is your philosophy in accounting field?

Accountants roll over large amount of money, but do they haveenough money to run their own family. Accountants sometimes stressthemselves to relieve others

List all relevant standard publish by Nigerian accounting standard board?

Sas 1 - statement of accounting policies sas 2 - information to be disclosed in financial statement sas 3 - accounting for property, plant and equipment sas 4 - accounting for stock(inventory) sas 5 - accounting for construction contract sas 6 - prior year, exceptional and extra-ordinary items sas 7 ( Full Answer )

Relevance of philosophy?

Philosophy is relevant to the life that individuals on Earth live.Philosophy tells people how to live and how to appreciate.

What does a philosophy do?

Philosophy can make one see what is search and its implied cause and its effect movement.It can show the divisive principle of knowledge.Knowledge is the tool and also its bearer.

Define relevant range in accounting?

an increase or decrease on a company's fixed costs is however not only dependent on the relevant period but also on the relevant production range. The total fixed costs will remain constant if the relevant production range can be handled by the same number of production units, producing fewer steps. ( Full Answer )

What are philosophies?

Philosophy is the study of general problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, truth, beauty, justice, validity, mind, and language.. For the source and more detailed information concerning this subject, click on the related links section (Wikipedia) indicated below this answer box.

What is a releve?

Okay, so I take dance, and a releve` is basically when you rise up on your "tip toes" if you will. You're welcome!

How is philosophy relevant?

Philosophy reflects in ones walk of life.For example Zen philosophy reflects in daily life of a rickshaw puller in Japan so also devotion concept in India, so also Marxism in china. Any philosophical movement motivates public in general but may be valid or invalid.

What is the relevance of philosophy to nation building?

The peculiarity of philosophy is how it is not bound to a particular method, including its own, as it is the discourse which reflects on them. This is why scientists are very interested in it when major changes are shaping their discipline - as was the case about physicists at the beginning of the ( Full Answer )

Give your opinion on whether the present educational philosophy of the Philippines is relevant to the country's needs?

The present educational philosophy in the Philippines is not relevant to the country's needs because it focused so much on the cognitive level or attaining concepts which are not applicable to the present set-up of the country. Economically the Philippines is lagging behind other Asian countries. Fi ( Full Answer )

What is the relevance of the accounting principles in the accounting practice?

There are general rules and concepts that govern the field of accounting. These general rules-referred to as basic accounting principles and guidelines -form the groundwork on which more detailed, complicated, and legalistic accounting rules are based. For example, the Financial Accounting Standar ( Full Answer )

Relevance of philosophy in banking and finance?

Philosophy explores the concepts of morality and human fulfillment.Banking and finance brings up many questions about the efficacy ofwealth as a way to achieve fulfillment.

Relevance of Research to the accounting profession?

Studies which address issues related to the systems and the users of systems that collect, store, and generate accounting information. Users are defined broadly to include those involved in collection, storage, or use of accounting information or even the implementation of the system. These systems ( Full Answer )

What is the relevant of philosophy?

Seeking reference is the linguistic habit.So called relevance is nothing but groping for reference since we got habituated to systematize everything known.Philosophy reflects in every moment of existence.Philosophical propositions can change the way of thinking.It also can show what was super impose ( Full Answer )

Why is knowledge of accounting terminology and relevant industry necessary?

Improper use of technical jargon can hamstring the financial records and reporting capability of any accounting department.. FOR instance... to a lot of lay people Accounts Payable means vendors, or checks written to vendors. The proper technical definition of Accounts Payable is the "unpaid liabil ( Full Answer )

What is the relevance of management to accountants?

Management is the process of coordinating people and other resources to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. Thus, management if relevant to accountants in that they must choose and coordinate all available resources to accomplish their objective. These resources would include, mate ( Full Answer )

Relevance of philosophy to political science?

Philosophy underpins political theory, which is vital to modelling empirics and understanding the normative valuation of politics and political interaction.

What can you do with philosophy?

You can find your own meaning to life, allowing you to find your true life goals and enjoy life as you live it. Believing in your own unique philosophy is a big part of living life.

What did philosophy do?

Philosophy is the study of the fundamental problems to do with knowledge and beliefs. Philosophy is closely related to religion because it's not something that can be proven, It's more to do with opinions. Philosophy has had an impact on our view on the mind and the world in which we live in.

Why are checking accounts relevant?

A checking account is an important feature to have while trying to save up money and balance finances. Most banks offer free checking accounts to new or existing customers.

Why is managerial accounting relevant to accounting majors and their future careers?

Managerial accounting mostly concerns the use of accountinginformation to business managers so they can make better informedfinancial decisions about the company. This is relevant to allaccounting majors and their future careers, because even if they donot intend to enter a management position, they ( Full Answer )

What are the relevance of philosophy and logic to biochemistry?

Robert Rosen absolutely revolutionized this field but he was largely ignored. His daughter is now reviving interest in his work. Springer has just re-released an improved, proofread version of Anticipatory Systems. Biochemistry has labored unsuccessfully under the yoke of Reductionism. But Rosen has ( Full Answer )

What is the philosophy about?

Philosophy is the pursuit of knowledge and understanding about human existence. It is the never ending need to understand nature, to understand the mind, values and morals, and to understand the world around us and what it means to the world inside us. The word itself originates from the latin word ( Full Answer )

How does accounting provide relevant data to users?

Accounting is a way to provide a systematic data about anycompany's statements and expenses. due to its consecutive andsystematic entries it provides a relevant data. Internal users need to understand accounting data in order tomeasure the economic performance of businesses and to make businessdecis ( Full Answer )

What are relevant values and philosophies of the community sector?

An holistic and person-centered approach, embracing: . - promotion of well-being of staff, clients and communities . - early identification of problems . - delivery of appropriate services . - commitment to meeting the needs and upholding the rights of people . - commitment to empowering t ( Full Answer )

How much relevant is the philosophy of universalism of Swami Dayanand in present times?

Dayananda Saraswati, who founded the Hindu reform movement (Arya Samaj) was a great scholar who studied all the important world-wide religions and understood their structure. His reforms concerning universal truth though seated in his own country were meant for all people, regardless of their race ( Full Answer )