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Google RCA RT2360 manual and download the manual if you don't have it.

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Q: What is the remote code for a RCA Home theater receiver RT2360?
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How do you connect a digital optical audio cable from a tv to a home theater?

If your home theater receiver has an optical audio input, plug it from the output of the TV to the input of the receiver.

What are receivers used for in a home theater?

You need a receiver to control all the options in your home theater. The receiver is your main unit that will directly send signals to the speakers for their best performance!

How do you pick a home theater receiver?

Look for the receiver to have enough inputs for all your sources (plus room to expand), adequate power for the volume you expect to listen to it at, a well-designed remote, and good industry track record for reliability.

Can home receivers be used in place for home theater?

If the receiver provides the functions that are needed, then yes it can be used within a home theater system.

Is the Onkyo TX SR806 AV receiver compatible with a JVC home theater?

The Onkyo will be compatible with a JVC home theater setup.

How do you program your sharp aquos remote control to control a Sony home theater system?

You cannot control your Sony Receiver with your Sharp TV remote. Sharp remotes can control many brands of DVD and Blu-Ray players, but only Sharp receivers. You should program your Sony receiver's remote to control your TV instead. How you do this is outlined in your owners' manual.

Will the Sherwood RX 4109 Receiver help me get theater sound at home?

It will, but you'll need some great speakers as well for your home theater.

Does Polk audio make a home theater system?

Yes Polk Audio makes home theater speakers paired with an Onkyo receiver

What is the code for remote control?

Remote for dvd player Home Theater merk LG model ht544tm

Do I need an AV receiver for my home theater system?

no you don't need an AV receiver for home theater system, it comes built in with it as I purchased last year for myself and it works well. almost turns room into a disco club.

What do i need to hook my TV to the home theater?

For most home theater setups, all you really need is an RCA cable to connect your TV to the stereo receiver.

What is the remote control code for LG?

Remote for dvd player Home Theater merk LG model ht544tm