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What is the required SAT score to get into Cornell?


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WHAT IS THE REQUIRED SAT score to get into U of H

Cornell is a great school with a great academic reputation. You can check the exact score of SAT of math and English of students at Cornell University from the Cornell page on

sat score required for a pediatrician

What is the required SAT score to attend Francis Marion?

Cornell, although not as selective as other colleges, still requires SAT scores over 2000. An applicant's GPA should be in the "A" range and the ACT score should be above a 29.

average math for last year was 640

The minimum SAT score required to gain admission to Mississippi State University is 770. An ACT score of 16 or higher is also required.

A 1624 sat score is required in order to get admission into CUNY Queens College

There is no required SAT score for entrance to UT Tyler. A minimum score on the SAT is considered to be 1420-1750.

The average sat score to get into umass amherst is about an 1100 last year the average sat score of applicants was an 1142

When i applied no SAT score was required but it would benefit applicant to have a high SAT score if GPA was low.

SAT score is not considerd in joining IIT. You have to write IIT-JEE exam to get into it.

2000 but I think u can get accepted if ur a hot girl

There is no set required SAT score for admission to Vassar, although your application will be judged in part based on your score. The average SAT scores for students admitted to Vassar are in the 2050-2250 range, with a reading and math score of 1360-1500.

No SAT score will guarantee admission to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, but according to the admissions website, the most recent freshman class had an average SAT score of 1044 out of 1400 (reading and math only); and the average ACT score was 23. A writing score for SAT or ACT is also required to be considered for admission.

I got in [and later graduated from] with a SAT score of 1100 BUT...that was in 2002, before the new SAT tests were released and the max score was only 1600.

According to the Prep Scholar website:The average SAT score composite at Purdue is a 1837 on the old 2400 SAT scale.On the new 1600 SAT, this corresponds to an average SAT score of 1300.

330 three hundred and thirty points in the SAT

University of California requires at least a 1370 on the SAT.

Required scores may differ from institution to institution.

SAT and ACT score minimums depend upon High School GPA. Test score averages for incoming students are 1200 SAT, and 24 ACT.

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