South Africa

What is the resources of south africa?

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Who is the Minister of Mineral Resources for South Africa?

Ngoako Ramathlodi is the Minister of Mineral Resources for South Africa.

South Africa's natural resources?

South Africa has several natural resources. A few of the natural resources in South Africa are coal, iron, ore, mica, and gold.

Why is Africa rich mineral resources?

south africa

Does the South Africa have unexploited or underused resources that can affect future wealth?

Yes, South Africa has many unexploited resources.

South Africa mineral resources?

Gold and many gems are available in South Africa.

What is the richest country in mineral resources in Africa?

south africa

Why are diamonds important to South Africa?

Diamonds are important to South Africa as they are one of the natural resources of the country.

What resources are in South Africa?

South Africa resources are diamonds, gold, iron ore, platinum, manganese, chromium, copper, uranium, silver, beryllium, and titanium.

Which natural resources does South Africa import from other countries?

africa resourles

What natural resources did South Africa have?

diamonds, gold

What are natural resources that South Africa has in abundance?


How do people in South Africa earn a living?

Mainly by Farming because South Africa is rich in Natural Resources.

Why did Britain colonize South Africa?

Because South Africa had many Natural resources many that Britain never have

What are the resources in South Africa?

Among the natural resources of South Africa are gold, platinum, coal, diamonds and over 40 other minerals. Timber is also plentiful.

What impact do mineral resources have on South Africa during the late 1800's?

Mineral resources made South Africa a place of interest to the international community. The Dutch and the British fought over control of South Africa's diamond and gold resources.

How are the resources allocated in South Africa's Economic system?

South Africa has a capitalist economic system and resources are allocated based on who can buy them.

Is South Africa richer than other parts of Africa?

Yes. South Africa is richer than many other parts of Africa primarily due to the natural resources of the area.

How do the oil in South Africa effect Africa?

South Africa does not have any oil resources. The lack of oil and economic sanctions at the time compelled South Africa to develop an innovative technology that enables it to extract oil from coal.

What natural resources are abundant in South Africa?

Diamonds, gold, and fossil fuels... South Africa has a rich agriculture of wealthy crops and fruits...

Why are the physical features of South Africa important to the people of South Africa?

they provide the resources and effect the climate also they provide beautiful scenery

What natural resources does South Africa have?

uranium, gold, coal, diamond,

What are three important resources in south africa?

Gold, platinum and diamonds.

What natural resources drew europeans to south africa?

Mostly diamonds.

What resources did the British want in south Africa?

The mining industry -(Gold)

What natural resources were the imperialists seeking in south africa?

The original Imperialists were seeking any valuable natural resources