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What is the revolution in mars?

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18 months

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What is planet Mars revolution?

Mars has a period of revolution of 687 days.

What is the revolution of planet Mars?

The period of revolution of Mars is 687 Earth days.

What are Mars revolutions?

the revolution for mars is 1.9

What is the length of mars revolution?

It takes Mars 687 earth days to make one revolution around the sun.

Revolution of Mars?

687 days

What was the length of single revolution around the sun in mars?

The length of a single revolution around the Sun for Mars is about 686.98 Earth days.

Period of revolution on mars?

The period of revolution is the amount of time it takes a planet to circle the Sun. The period of revolution of Mars is about 686.97 Earth days, or 1.88 Earth years.

What is Mars orbit time?

It takes Mars 687 days for its one revolution

Whats the period of revolution of Mars?

Mars has a rotational period of 24.6 hours.

Is mars or Jupiter a smaller revolution?

Mars has a smaller orbit than Jupiter.

What are facts about Mars' revolution?

The planet Mars rotates on its axis, making a single revolution every 24.6 hours. Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun, and is nicknamed the Red Planet.

What planet has twice the earth's period are re volution?

Actually, the answer is Mars. Mars' revolution is 1.88 years which is almost twice as the revolution of Earth.

How long is the revolution of Mars?

Mars revolves around the Sun in about 687 Earth days, or 669 Mars days.

What is the velocity of Mars revolution?

Its the dude from Mexico

What is the revelation of Mars?

This sounds like something out of the Bible. I guess it meant "revolution" of Mars. Revolution period for Mars to orbit the Sun: about 687 Earth days. (Rotation time for Mars to spin once : about 24 hours and 37 minutes.)

How long does it take Mars to make one complete revolution around the sun?

It takes 687 days for Mars to complete one revolution around the Sun. This revolution is known as an orbital year.

What is the length of Mars' Revolution?

It travels about 1,432,183,600 km to complete one revolution.

Whats Mars revolution?

if i went to mars to check without being trained i would die

What is mars yearly revolution around the sun?

687 earth days is one mars year, =)

How long does it take Mars to?

it takes 88 days for mars to complete its revolution round the sun

What is mars revolution period?

687 earth days

Which inner planet has the longest year in revolution?


Who has a shorter period of revolution earth or mars?


How long does it takes of revolution of Mars?

89days and 45seconds

Which planet has twice the earth period of revolution?

Mars has roughly twice the Earth's period of revolution.

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