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You can use an ear syringe from a pharmacy.

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How do giraffes clean their ears?

the way giraffes clean theirs is by licking them with their tongues

What is the best way to clean your ears?

I found that if you dose Q-tips to clean out your ears then the best way to help it is to use baby oil or just plain cooking oil. Then you can always just just the ear wax candles also!

What is the best way to clean your ears when you get earrings?

The best way to clean your ears when you get earrings is to put alcohol on the back and front of your ears but don't take it off when your putting on until you wait for 2 months for the longest. If your ears start bleeding just use alcohol and rub the dry blood or just blood and wipe it off. Hope this advice helps!

What is the best way to clean a bassett hound ears?

The best way to clean your Bassett Hound's ears is to use an ear cleaning solution and cotton balls. You'll want to clean the outer ear and the inner ear but make sure you don't push the cotton ball too far in.

the ______ tongue is long enough to clean its ears?

Nose piercing

Why do hamsters get green ears?

you have to clean there ears regualy

How often should you clean your ears?

ears have wax and wax is good so clean them EVERY week

Can you clean ears with peroxide?

yes you can clean it with perixode

Do you clean your kittens ears?


Ways to take care of ears?

i will clean my ears every day

Can you use hair spray after getting your ears pierced?

Yes and no, yes you can if you clean your ears with a special cleanser after you spray your hair and no if you do not want to take the time to clean your ears.

Why does a Dog licking another dog's ears?

they lick eachothers ears because the ears aren't clean

How do you take good care of your ears?

Clean them everyday. Some people say that cotton buds are bad for the ears. If you want to clean my properly, you can buy a cleaning set for ears.

Can a giraffe clean its ears with its tongue?


What does the giraffe clean its ears with?

Their tongues.

Do you clean a cats ears?

Not with a tree

Do cows clean their own ears?


Is it better to have dirty or clean ears?

Clean ears. The wax you see is build up from the wax inside your ear cleaning out the dirt.

Why does the baby ferret clean the older ferret ears?

Some ferrets, especially female ferrets will clean other ferrets ears

Your dog has brownish stuff in her ears?

It's just dirt and grime, nothing to worry about. To get rid of it, just clean her ears out, and make sure you clean her ears regularly to stop it coming back.

Should you clean babies ears?

of course you do

How should you clean your ears?

a q-tip

Why do people have earwax?

To keep the ears clean

What has a ring but no ears?

Your bathtub. Go clean it.

What the giraffes do to use to clean their ears?

There tounges