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Basically- in a simple way- the role of a business developement Manager- BDM are into 3 fields:

Building brand Image of the Company through exhibition and seminars

Developing trade channels and business portals

Identifying new market/new product/new molecule


vivek bharadwaj


  • Pre-sales Activities: Assisting with sales proposals, tender responses, demonstration of our software to prospective customers and discussions with them concerning the ways in which the packages can be used to meet their requirements.
  • Attendance at conferences and exhibitions.
  • Presentations at seminars and User Group meetings.
  • Account Development and Sales: Each User of Symology software/services is assigned a specific Account Manager.
  • The role of that Account Manager is to establish and develop a relationship with the Customer organisation with the dual objectives of ensuring Symology provides the best possible level of service and identifying areas where mutual benefit can be gained by the Customer extending the use of Symology products and services.
  • This aspect of the role will predominantly relate to a specific region, but will occasionally encompass the whole of the UK and possibly overseas.
  • It is the responsibility of the Business Development Manager to: liaise with Account Managers in the development of activities on existing customer sites, with the objective of extending the use of Symology software into further areas co-ordinate the sales activities of the Consultancy team in the allocated region, in order to optimise potential.

Marketing Liaising with Marketing on the preparation of promotional material, case studies

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