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What is the role of Canadian soldiers in World War 1?


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The amount of Axis Soldiers Canadian Soldiers killed in World War 1 was far greater then the Canadian deaths. The difference ( or ratio) for Canadian Soldiers was 8 - 1. For every Canadian soldiers death there were 8 more Axis kills. The 8-1 difference was the highest in World War 1.

The Canadian soldiers went to your under pants to fight.

About 534,617 soldiers survived world war I. 595,000 soldiers served and 60,383 were dead.

About 45,300. About 1,081,865 Canadian solders actually fought in the war.

Around 619,000 Canadian Soldiers fought along side the allies in WW1.

They were fighting for there freedom and ours

During World War II, Canadian soldiers trained in dozens of places in North American including the United States. They also trained in England before the invasion of Normandy.

Can I get a list of Canadian soldiers stationed at Fort St Johns, British Columbia during World War 2? Is there anyone by the name of Moyers?Type your answer here...

i belive it was 60,000 Canadians

she was a nurse in world war 2. she took care of wounded soldiers.

lthe Canadian army killed all of the German soldiers and declared the winnig of the second world war

There names and ranks of Canadian World War two soldiers are quite a number. The General was Harry Crerar, Guy Simonds was the lieutenant general and Andrew McNaughton was also a lieutenant general among others.Ê

Approximately 1,500 Canadian soldiers died in the War of 1812. Some of the soldiers died in action while most of the died from disease.

Primarily logistical support and medical.

The role for the Canadian children in world war 2 was to keep rent and money coming home. While all the fathers and men of the house were at war, there was no body to farm or bring in money for the family. Kids would work long hours, and all the time, just to make ends meet. Many Canadian children also helped by collecting scrap metal which was then brought to factories and used to make supplies for the war-front and the soldiers.

stale bread and dried meat and cheese

as i remember it was around between 5000 and 20000 soldiers

Canadian soldiers came from virtually every part of Canada. Doubtful if any village, town or city was left untouched by the mass casualties.

Many soldiers were sent over to help fight. Also many weapons were sent over for the soldiers to use. The Canadian military forces did a lot more then you can imagine.

World War One, where 67,000 Canadian soldiers were killed and 173,000 were wounded.

German soldiers during World War I were called "Huns" by the American soldiers. The Germans called their soldiers "The Bosch" during World War I.

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