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Humifulvate removes heavy metals from plants. The detoxification process occurs when Humifulvate attaches to the toxic Mercury, Lead, Aluminum, or Cadmium and takes them out of the plants system.

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Q: What is the role of humifulvate in detoxifying the plants from heavy metals?
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What is Humifulvate?

The humifulvate is the natural ingredients to detoxify a heavy metal such as mercury, cadmium, aluminum, nickel, copper, lead and arsenic. It is also used in boosting human health.

What has the author Antonella Furini written?

Antonella Furini has written: 'Plants and heavy metals' -- subject(s): Plants, Effect of heavy metals on, Heavy-metal tolerant plants

What harmful gases do plants absorb?

Ozone and heavy metals are harmful to plants.

How do heavy metals react on plants?

~I am still in the middle of testing this but heavy metal seems to stunt plants growth.~

What is hyper- accumulation of heavy metals?

Hyperaccumulation of heavy metals is the uptake of heavy metals by plants passed a certain threshold of normal uptake. There are 6 main hypotheses for this phenomena, but the most researched one is the defense-hypothesis which states that the hyperaccumulation helps plants to protect themselves from herbivore/pathogen damage.

Are calcium gluconate magnesium sulfate and potassium phosphate heavy metals?

No. These are not heavy metals. They are salts of non heavy metals.

Where do heavy metals come from?

Heavy metals are extracted from ores, which are mined.

Where are heavy metals found in the periodic table?

Heavy metals are typically found in the middle of the periodic table. These heavy metals are often also transition metals.

What are the importance of heavy metals in cooking?

Heavy metals compounds have frequently toxic properties.

What heavy metals that can be taken up by plants?

The metals having density more than 5 are usually known as heavy metals. Density of some heavy metals is as below: Zinc (Zn) 7.13 Iron (Fe) 7.87 Copper (Cu) 8.96 Silver (Ag) 10.49 Lead (Pb) 11.36 Mercury (Hg) 13.55 We use fertilizers which contain elements having density more 5 or more than 5 like zinc sulphate or copper sulphate ets. so we can say that plants take these heavy metals in shape of fertilizers.

What has the author Geoffrey Winthrop Leeper written?

Geoffrey Winthrop Leeper has written: 'Managing the heavy metals on the land' -- subject(s): Effect of heavy metals on Plants, Sewage irrigation, Soil pollution 'Introducing Victoria'

What are the heavy metals?


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