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it makes it good and tasty

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Q: What is the role of microbes in decomposition of the commercial production of various foods?
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How does microbes aid industries?

Microbes aid various industries in various ways. Like some microbes produce Insulin by genetic engineering, Yeast helps in production of Alcohol, they also help in production of fertilisers and so on.

Part of body that has the most various microbes?

the part of the body that has most abundant and various microbes

What are the uses of decomposition reactions?

Decomposition of calcium carbonate to calcium oxide and carbon dioxide on heating is an important decomposition used in various industries.

What are the disadvanages of microbes?

microbes are infectious and act as a vector for spreading diseases of various types....they can spoil food also.

What are the various fields in plant production?

Horticulture - production of ornimental or landscape plants Floriculture - production of cutflowers for commercial use Agriculture - production of edible food crops Arboriculture - production and maintenance of ornimental trees Siviculture - forestry Viticulutre - production and specialisation in grape vines

What are harmful microbes?

Harmful microbes are germs ,they cause various diseases i.e Bacteria,fungi,protozoa & viruses etc

The part of the body that has the most abundant and various microbes is the?

Mouth and throat

Microbiological contaminants are best described as?

Microbiological contaminants are best described as undesired microbes. These microbes are usually found in or on various kinds of substances.

Who cured sepsis?

It has never really been cured. It is the result of an infection by various microbes.

What is the word for dividing a material into its various parts?

Probable you think to decomposition.

video production Service?

Video production services are a type of service that is used to create videos. They can be used for various purposes, such as commercial use, educational purposes, or just for fun. Video production services are usually provided by professionals who have the skills and the knowledge to provide these services.

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