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The roots absorb water and minerals for photosynthesis and other metabolic activities.

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Why are the roots of plants important to photosynthesis?

Water used in photosynthesis by plants is made available by roots. That is why roots of plants are important to photosynthesis in terrestrial plants. Aqatic plants absorb water from their free surface, hence role of roots in these plants is limited.

What role does xylem play in photosynthesis?

Xylem only transports water from the roots to the upper parts of the plant, it plays no direct role in photosynthesis

What is the role of cholroplast in photosynthesis?

In plants and other photosynthetic eukaryotes, photosynthesis occurs IN the chloroplast.

What role do stems play in photosynthesis?

Stems play a vital role in photosynthesis. Stems move water and minerals to the leaves and transport food from the leaves to the roots.

What role of chlorophyll in a plants leafs?

It has a major roll. that is doing Photosynthesis.

What is the role of the stem in photosynthesis?

The role of the plants stem during photosynthesis is to bring the plant the needed water needed for photosynthesis. The water has a chemical reaction with the carbon dioxide and produces glucose and oxygen.

Which is the best way way to describe the role of roots and stems in a plant?

roots and stems transport water and minerals to the leaves so that photosynthesis can occur

What is the root's role in photosynthesis?

The roots help absorb water. Hope it helps M.P7th Grade

What is the role of plants in a food chain?

The role of plants in a food chain is as a producer. A producer is an organism that can make its own food through the process of photosynthesis.

What role does chloroplast play in a cell?

The chloroplast is the organelle responsible for photosynthesis in plants.

What is the role of chlorophyll in a plants leaves?

It captures the energy from sunlight that is used in photosynthesis.

What is the role of epidermis in the root?

to protect the plants roots and to prevent water loss

What is the role of SSC solution in hybridization?

Planting the roots for the plants and giving them enough for it

Do plants and animals play a role in the water carbon and the nitrogen cycles?

yes plants do they go through photosynthesis

What role chloroplast do?

A Plastid containing chlorophyll that occurs in plants and algae and carries out photosynthesis

What is the role of chlorophyll a?

Chlorophyll is an important biomolecule. Its role is critical in photosynthesis, the process that allows plants to absorb energy from light.

What is the role of plants and trees in keeping the environment clean?

Plants and trees have a major role in keeping the environment clean. This is because they help to clean the air using photosynthesis.

What is the role of photosynthesis against global warming?

The role of photosynthesis against global warming is that plants take in carbon dioxide which is the main cause of global warming. They use this to make glucose.

Role of water in photosynthesis?

Role of water in photosynthesis?

What is the role of rubp in photosynthesis?

what role does rubp in photosynthesis

What role do the leaves roots and stems play during photosynthesis?

they play as a firtilizer to help the ground re grow and how you doing

What role does carbon play in photosynthesis?

Well carbon is the gas that plants absorb in order to release oxygen

What role does photosynthesis play in the life of plants?

It is playing a roll on every animal. it is the way make food.

Plants role in a food chain?

Plants are the foundation of the food chain. They are responsible for all the energy that enters a food chain. They get this energy from the sun in the process of photosynthesis.

How does earth get oxygen into it's atmosphere?

The process is very well-known in biology called the Photosynthesis. It plays an role in plants because plants get it energy from sun.