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The one that never starts its engine.


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A twin engine airplane is an airplane which has two engines for the purposes of redundancy and/or performance. Twin engine aircraft are considerably more complex to fly than single engine aircraft, and so the FAA requires a special multi-engine endorsement in order to operate them.

A plane with floats is a "floatplane" or a "seaplane." A plane with skis is a "skiplane." Check it out: you need a special license to fly a seaplane! If you have a single-engine Piper and land it at airports, the minimum license is ASEL--airplane, single engine, land. You could also fly it with an AMEL--airplane, multiengine, land. But to fly a seaplane you need an ASES or AMES--airplane, single engine, sea or airplane, multiengine, sea.

Amelia Earhart flu across the Atlantic ocean in her red single engine lockheed vega airplane

If you are talking about Orville and Wilber Wright's flight at Kitty Hawk, then the answer is "Yes." The airplane was named "The Flyer." It had a single engine powering two propellers.

Rudder and ailerons, just like you turn a single.

Red Single Engine Lock-head Vega Airplane

Single engine airplane designed specifically for Lindbergh to fly from New York to Paris. It is a Ryan NYP, called Spirit of St. Louis.

One single person can build an airplane or you can have a group of companies with their workers make individual components to make a single airplane.

Yes. Statistically speaking it is the safest mode of common travel.

Your average 4 seater single-engine airplane usually rents for anywhere from $100 to $200 per hour. Fuel is usually included in the price.

The energy does a airplane engine produce is 10 kg of ht?

He decided to land the airplane in the lake.

what is a airplane engine called

A single person can build an airplane.

There is no single country to be safest, instead there are many which are regarded as safest. A few are : Iceland Cyprus Ireland New Zealand Denmark Hope this helps.

Basically, the engine of the airplane provides thrust, which help it go forward. There are many types of engines that can do the job.

Not in a typical airplane engine, however if you had a specially made modified engine, than it is feasible.

The aircraft with the lowest fatality rate for the number of hours flown is the bell jetranger Helicopter

The engine makes an airplane go forward.

Almost always. Unless the airplane happens to be an ultralight, or the car happens to be a Hummer.

Typically, operating an airplane is called "flying" and it requires a private pilot license (at minimum) from the FAA. - - - - - It depends on the kind of airplane it is, and what you plan to do with it. The licenses and certificates you need to fly a Piper Cherokee (single-engine piston airplane that isn't pressurized) are far different from what you need to fly a 747.

the back because the g forces are reduced and it is most likely to stay intact

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