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The one that never starts its engine.

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Q: What is the safest single engine airplane?
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What is the safest seat in a airplane?

in the rear of the plane

What is a twin engine airplane?

A twin engine airplane is an airplane which has two engines for the purposes of redundancy and/or performance. Twin engine aircraft are considerably more complex to fly than single engine aircraft, and so the FAA requires a special multi-engine endorsement in order to operate them.

What is the name of an aircraft with floats or skis for landing?

A plane with floats is a "floatplane" or a "seaplane." A plane with skis is a "skiplane." Check it out: you need a special license to fly a seaplane! If you have a single-engine Piper and land it at airports, the minimum license is ASEL--airplane, single engine, land. You could also fly it with an AMEL--airplane, multiengine, land. But to fly a seaplane you need an ASES or AMES--airplane, single engine, sea or airplane, multiengine, sea.

When you fall out of an airplane what is the safest thing to land on?

A huge big mat

What airplane did Amelia Earhart fly over the Atlantic?

Amelia Earhart flu across the Atlantic ocean in her red single engine lockheed vega airplane

Did the first airplane have a motor?

If you are talking about Orville and Wilber Wright's flight at Kitty Hawk, then the answer is "Yes." The airplane was named "The Flyer." It had a single engine powering two propellers.

What plane did Amelia Earhart fly across the Pacific?

Red Single Engine Lock-head Vega Airplane

How you can turn left or right a propeller airplane double engine?

Rudder and ailerons, just like you turn a single.

Is it safe to travel by airplane?

Yes. Statistically speaking it is the safest mode of common travel.

In what flight condition is torque effect the greatest in a single-engine airplane?

high power low airspeeds.... take off

What type of airplane did Charles Lindbergh fly?

Single engine airplane designed specifically for Lindbergh to fly from New York to Paris. It is a Ryan NYP, called Spirit of St. Louis.

How many made a airplane?

One single person can build an airplane or you can have a group of companies with their workers make individual components to make a single airplane.

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