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There is difference of how much that belongs to the individual concerned of how good he can sellhimself I know associate degrees making close to a BS engineer. Int the aerospace industry there is a definite level no matter of knowledge and/or experience set up by our truly screw up government. To be awarded a project must have so many graduates and degrees. The consideration has many factors extra years of lost income but in the long run BS is better then an AA. To consider is overtime engineers are paid flatly per month while technician are getting the benefit of overtime and double time. Is there such a thing yes there is government cost plus programs. billing as much as you can next project billing them even more. Our government in action.

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InconclusiveReally depends on the Major, and the Region, but there is generally a difference at the begining where a master's degree might expect to make more initially.
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There have been some general statements made about the salary difference, however I never paid that much attention to it, based on the mere fact I think it is ridiculous. Salary is not only determined by the degree you have, but the field you go into, your position within that field, experience, expertise, etc. Many individuals outclass others - in terms of salary - who have college degrees. The real question is this. What do you really want to do in terms of career. Then you must ask, what education will lead to that career goal and objective? What ever you do, to be successful, you must have a passion for what you want to do. Passion will be key to your success.

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Q: What is the salary difference between a high school degree and bachelor's degree?
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What is a nursing assistant's salary?

The salary for a nurses assistant varies between the person. It also varies depending on the degree that you have. If you have a bachelors degree you can make anywhere between $40,000 and above and a masters degree is slightly higher.

What is the starting salary for an accountant with a bachelors degree?

About 46K

What is the salary difference between marketing bachelor's degree and master's degree?

I could not give you an actual difference in salary because it depends on the job. But it a bachelor's degree will most likely earn you less pay than a masters degree.

What is the salary for a bachelors in music?

A Bachelor degree in Music does not guarantee a specific salary. It all depends on what work you do and how much the salary for that is. Having that degree might make it easier to be employed as a music teacher.

How much is a plastics engineer's salary?

Depends on where you live and what type of degree you have. With a Bachelors Degree anywhere from $45,000 to upwards of $65,000. With a Master's Degree, a little more.

Is there any difference in salary between the associate's degree to certification?

It would depend on the field. What career are you thinking of?

What is the salary difference bachelor's degree and master's degree?

On average it amounts to $10,000.

What is the average salary of a medical assistant in the United States?

The average salary for a medical assistant is between 50-80 thousand dollars. This seems like a large disparity, but some are highly educated while others only have a bachelors or associates degree.

Explain the difference between salary and wage and give example to illustrate who earns salary and who earns wage?

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What degree should you get in order to become wildlife or fish biologist.?

Also should it be a bachelors, masters, or even a PH.d. What is the average salary?

What is the base salary for an rn with a bachelors degree and 20 years experience?

There is a huge range based mostly on location, but also on the type of work.

How much does pharmacy tech makes with a degree?

is it a big difference between certificate and a diploma and degree earnings