What is the salary of the Susan G Komen CEO?

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According to Charity Navigator, Hala G. Moddelmog, the CEO of Susan G Komen, makes $531,924 plus bonus. This is a private charity, so there is very little information leaked to the public. That said, there are several jobs listed on many boards for $100,000 to $200,000+. Guess there is good money painting everything pink!
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What is the average salary of a CEO?

It depends. Any company with a hierarchy system employs a CEO. This could be a school, right through to corporate giants such as Apple and Mcdonalds. There is high variation in big corporate companies, as CEO s usually have a big say also in what they get paid, as well as the fact that they usually ( Full Answer )

What is a CEO?

Chief executive officer CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer. A Chief Executive Officer is one of the highest jobs in a company. For example, E. Neville Isdell is the former CEO of Coca-Cola. It is a Chief Executive Officer of a business entity in either the profit or nonprofit industry. He/ she ( Full Answer )

What does a CEO do?

The Chief Executive Officer is a manager at or near the top level of the organization. He or she is responsible for making organization-wide decisions. The CEO also establishes goals and plans that affect the entire organization.

What is the criteria for a CEO salary?

Answer . The Criterion for a CEOs Salary is geographical location, industry the CEO is in, size of the organization, revenues, profit margins, role and responsibility, prior experience, educational qualifications and a host of other areas.. Hope this answers your question.. Cheers!

What is the salary for the CEO of a symphony orchestra?

Top administrators can earn anywhere near $1 million a year in top-name orchestras such as NY Phil, SF Orchestra, and Chicago. Smaller orchestras quickly drop and pay a lot less... probably around $50k. Music Directors are the real big honchos; the top orchestras are liable to pay over a million ( Full Answer )

What is the Average annual starting salary of a CEO?

The Chief Executive Officer of a small coporation will generally have a starting salary in the neighborhood of $60,000 to $75,000. This would be a corporation with between 10 and 50 employees. For a start up company, as opposed to an established corporation, the expectations would be much lower.

What is the average salary for a ceo?

As of 2014, the average salary for a CEO is an estimated 739,545dollars. The salary will depend on experience and also the company.

Why CEO are paid more salaries?

CEO salaries tend to be high because of their level of responsibility within the company. Some would argue that CEO salaries tend to be inflated beyond what the role of CEO is actually worth, but this really just depends on the individual company and it's CEO.

Who is the CEO of Parle G Factory?

Parle G is owned by Parle Products Pvt. Ltd. whose CEO is VijayChauhan. Parle Products Pvt. Ltd. is just one entity of three thatwas split from the original Parle Company. The other two, ParleAgro and Parle Bisleri, are run by other members of Chauhan'sfamily.

What is the average salary of an American CEO?

The average American CEO-salary is $15 200 000. Most of the CEO's salaries are way lower, for instance the CEO of Dell Computer, he's earning aroung $100 000 a year, so the $15,2 million average salary are sharply drawn up by the CEO's earning $20-30-40-50 000 000.

What is CEO salary cap on new bailout package?

Under the www.cnn.com website, you can find the bill that the House defeated on Monday. Pages 31 and 32 identify the "appropriate standards for executive compensation and corporate governance" for those participants in the program.. There isn't any ceo salary cap in the plan. However, the Secretary ( Full Answer )

How are CEO salaries determined?

The simple answer to this is that CEO salaries and benefits are based on industry standards. For whatever reasons, CEO salaries at many large corporations have become inflated. That trend continues as companies compete - if a CEO can earn millions more at another company, he or she is unlikely to co ( Full Answer )

What is the CEO salary for Louis Vuitton?

if i had to guess i would say millions and millions a year.and in the bank he probly has billions stashed away.just imagine, bags and products that are $1,000-$100,000 and selling millions of them all over the world, not to mention the endorsements he would get.thats a lot of $$$$$$$$

What is the yearly salary for CEO Roger Ballou?

Roger H Ballou Salary: Roger H Ballou, CEO of CDI Corporation has a base salary of $750,000. He also has bonus targets that can increase this by 80% to 120%. Roger H Ballou Misleads Shareholders: That is a substantial package for someone who has gone on record misleading shareholders. Take a ( Full Answer )

Susan g komen does not help women?

Susan G. Komen may help women with breast cancer , but they also support Planned Parenthood too. Alot of people don't know that because it is not on the website. (I guess they're hiding it?) . See for yourself! http://www.texasrighttolife.com/lifeIssues_abortion_truth.php

What is the most common CEO salary?

$124,900 in the US as the laws are changing fast to make earners of more than that to be considered 'wealthy' and in a higher tax bracket. CEO's will take the rest of the money in many other ways.

Who founded susan g komen for the cure?

Nancy G. Brinker founded the campaign in 1982, started the breast cancer movement. This was a promise she had made to her dying sister, Susan G. Komen, to end breast cancer.

What do CEOs get?

CEOs are the top people in a company who have ultimate responsibility for its operation.

What is the annual salary of Bridgestone CEO in LaVergne?

Spoken like a true union man... I didn't know that each planthad a "CEO". You mean plant manager I assume. Who knows. One thingis for sure, the labor the managers and engineers do is SKILLEDlabored and therefore merits higher salary. One thing is for sure,making 22$ an hour as a non-skilled worker ( ( Full Answer )

How much is CEO salary?

It depends who the CEO works for. A CEO of any large company, like BT or any other big profit making company will be on megabucks. Often the salaries are technically not that high (only maybe £200,000 or so), but they rewads themselves with fat bonuses that can take their earnings to tens of mill ( Full Answer )

What is the annual salary of ceo of Pilot Pen Corporation?

I'm sure Mr. CEO is very wealthy, having sacrificed the shareholders by selling us out to lincoln financial a few years ago. It sure it is comforting knowing you have a big nice FAT amount of our money in your portfolio. the best part for you and all the board of directors had to do was "merge" with ( Full Answer )

What is the monthly salary of a CEO?

Honestly? well. as long as a piece of string is or perhaps how far a golf ball can be thrown. The point is remuneration for CEO's is determined by a number of variables including but not limited to: Industry sector Country Economic sector Company earnings Contribution to company growth strategies B ( Full Answer )

Is there a cap on CEO salaries?

No, but it should be here is why: The big corp made americans believe that the cuts were necessary in workforce for effieciency. So logic suggests they should address the executive sector pay next. if they invoke caps on CEOs and top execs not to exceed $400k/year that would increase devidents to ( Full Answer )

When is the first Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure taking place in Israel?

The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure will take place on Thursday, October 28, 2010. It is a five-kilometer run/walk, starting from Jerusalem's Gan Sacher and ending at the Valley of Hinnom, outside Jerusalem's Old City walls. The race starts at noon and will end by 4PM.

In which countries is the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure held?

The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is held in many cities in the United States, as well as in the Bahamas, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Egypt, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy and Tanzania. All in all about 50 countries.

Is Susan G Komen a scientist?

In the August issue of Success magazine there is an interview with her sister. If I recall correctly Susan was not a professional in any field. Her sister had married a successful businessman. When Susan was diagnosed with breast cancer her sister committed to finding a cure.

Does Susan G Komen donate to Planned Parenthood?

YES! It is not on the website, but yes, they do support Planned Parenthood. Considering Planned Parenthood do screening for breast cancer and others type of cancer in both men in women it makes perfect sense.

What do CEO get?

CEOs are the top people in a company who have ultimate responsibility for its operation.

How old was Susan Komen when she died?

Susan Goodman Komen died at the age of 36 in 1980. Her sisterhelped to establish the cancer awareness foundation that bears hername.

How much salary for CEO for a foundation?

Depends if it is a little mom and pop shop maybe just enough to pay the bills, if it is a multi million dollar company well a lot more, same concept in foundations. (Not saying anything bad) but, you think a foundation like make a wish top bosses are struggling to make ends meat?

What is the Susan G Komen For the Cure's goal supposed to be?

The goal of the Susan G Kormen Foundation is supposed to be to finda cure for breast cancer. The real goal is to increase theirprofits; they have a long history of producing products thatcontain cancer-causing ingredients, not supporting people withbreast cancer, and doing everything possible to inc ( Full Answer )

What is the salary of the Susan G Komen?

From what I have read is that Susan G komen passed away back in the 80's when she was in her 30's. So I would say her salary is 0.00. From what I do understand is that everybody elses salaries are quit healthy. I thought this was for a research project? I do not understand all of these big pay check ( Full Answer )

Does Susan G. Komen for the Cure support same-sex marriage?

No. Vice President for Public Policy Karen Handel is reportedly against same-sex marriage, civil unions, domestic partner benefits and against adoption by same-sex couples. She "wholeheartedly" opposes all of these, according to her 2010 WXIA-TV Atlanta interview.

What does the Susan G Koman foundation sponsor?

Susan G Koman is an organization is involved in many aspects of the community. One of the major fundraisers that they sponsor is a 5K race. The name of this race is the Race For The Cure.

What has the author Susan G Poorman written?

Susan G. Poorman has written: 'Human sexuality and the nursing process' -- subject(s): Nurse and patient, Nurses' instruction, Nursing, Nursing Process, Sex, Sex Behavior, Sex Disorders, Sexual behavior, Sick 'Good thinking'

What has the author John Komen written?

John Komen has written: 'Agricultural biotechnology in developing countries' -- subject(s): Agriculture, Agricultural innovations, Biotechnology, Agricultural biotechnology, Research

How do you solve the problem if they give CEO a fixed salary?

Before taking any action, read the terms and conditions of workcarefully. If there is no provision for change, it will be betterto look for new jobs. However, nothing concrete is written aboutsalary, you can actually raise the issue and turn the tables.