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Over 70% of smokers wish to quit each year, 40% make an attempt, but only 3 to 5 % are successful (Nides (2008). Update on pharmacological options for smoking cessation treatment, AJM, 121, S20-S31).

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Q: What is the satistic of quiting smoking?
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Why do you get a sore throat after quiting smoking?

you are healing

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Does quiting smoking cause harm?

Quitting smoking does not cause harm. On the contrary you get to restore your health and live a more energetic life.

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Quiting smoking makes it so that you have a better chance of getting cancer?

No, it improves your chances of not getting cancer.

Do you gain wait from stopping smoking?

Many people gain weight after they quit smoking, but it's not directly from quiting. Most people who give up smoking will eat more because of cravings.

How does niacin help pass a urine test for marijuana?

no. failed mine after quiting smoking for 9 days and taking niacin.

Where can I find reviews on varies types of quit smoking programs?

Quiting smoking is described as one of the hardest thing that anyone has ever had to do. You can find reviews of the various methods at the website .

Where can I find education materials on smoking cessation?

You can go to and they will give you all the information you need to quit smoking. You can also search other sites for quiting smoking and who offers the best program. You can also talk to your current doctor about there smoking cessation programs.

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