What is the scientific name for a daffodil?

Here is the taxonomy for the daffodil:

  • Domain: Eukaryotae (cells with nuclear membrane and multiple chromosomes)
  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Subkingdom: Viridaeplantae (green plants)
  • Infrakingdom: Streptophyta (land plants)
  • Division: Tracheophyta (vascular plants)
  • Subdivision: Spermatophytina (seed plants)
  • Infradivision: Angiospermae (flowering plants)
  • Class: Magnoliopsida
  • Superorder: Lilanae (monocots)
  • Order: Asparagales (bulb plant)
  • Family: Amaryllidaceae (fancy, big flower)
  • Genus: Narcissus
  • Species: N. pseudonarcissus L. (common daffodil)