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Q: What is the scientific name for allosaurus claw?
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Related questions

What is the Allosaurus scientific name?

There is one accepted species in the Allosaurus genus. Its full Latin (or scientific) name is Allosaurus fragilis.

What is the allosaurus' scientific name?

Allosaurus fragillis

What is the scientific name for claw?

The sientific name is claw

What is scientific name for lobster claw?


Did the dwarf allosaur of Australia get a scientific name?

"Allosaurus robustus" is sometimes used for the fossil, but this is a nomen nudum or unofficial name.

What is the Allosaurus common name?


What is the other name of Allosaurus?

There is one accepted species in the genus Allosaurus, and its Latin name is Allosaurus fragilis. There are no other names for Allosaurus. However, there is one very famous Allosaurus skeleton that is affectionately called "Big Al."

What is allosaurus latin name?

"allosaurus" (different lizard)

What does the name of allosaurus mean?

Allosaurus means "Different Lizard".

Why is allosaurus called allosaurus?

The name Allosaurus means "strange lizard" because of the unusual crests above its eyes.

Allosaurus scientific name?

The Type Species is Allosaurus fragilis.There are currently 8 potential species of Allosaurus - but paleontologists still need to sort them out to determine which are legitimate species and which are actually duplicates of the others (or not even allosaurus at all) since most of them are identified from rather fragmentary remains:Allosaurus fragilisAllosaurus amplexusAllosaurus atroxAllosaurus europaeusAllosaurus jimmadseniAllosaurus lucasi,Allosaurus amplusAllosaurus maximus

What animal did the allosaurus' footprint resemble?

Allosaurus was a biped with three pointed toes on each foot, and each toe had a claw on the end. Virtually any bird has a very similar footprint. Thus, the footprints of Allosaurus and other theropod dinosaurs look like giant chicken tracks.

What is the meing of a allosaurus?

Allosaurus means "different lizard." At the time of its discovery, Allosaurus appeared to have vertebrae that were different from other dinosaurs, hence the name.

Is there such thing as an Allosaurus?

Not any more, but Allosaurus is the name we've given to a species of dinosaurs.

Why is the cheetah's scientific name Acionyx?

The genus name Acinonyx means "no move claw" referring to the only semi-retractable claws for the cat.

What do arachnids have instead of mandibles?

The scientific name for an arachnid's mandibles is 'chelicerae'. Literally, the word means 'claw horns'.

What is the scientific name for the crab claw?

i could be wrong on this but im fairly sure Cornu minime mare

What is a dinosaur name with 10 letters?


When was allosaurus named?

Allosaurus fragilis received its name in 1877. It was named by Othniel Charles Marsh. Allosaurus means "different" or "strange" lizard, and the species name "fragilis" means fragile, referring to the features of the vertebrae that reduce its weight.

What is the name for a cats toenail?

claw claw

What does allosaurus mean?

They are large-meat eating dinosaurs The name allosaurus means 'different lizard'. There were several allosaurus species. Allosaurus Atrox, Allosaurus Fragilis were the most common, averaging 28 to 32 feet in length, and weighing one to two tons.Rrecently, two new allosaur species have come to light, both as big as T Rex.

What do Allosaurus look like?

Allosaurus looked like a fairly typical large theropod. Imagine Tyrannosaurus rex, but shrink it down to only 28 feet in length. Then give it much larger arms with three fingers on each hand, each finger armed with a hook-like claw. Above each eye, Allosaurus also had a small, semi-circular crest that may have been colorful in life.

What is the name of an eagle's or hawk's claw called?

a claw. there is no special name for it.

How did the allosaurus mate?

how did allosaurus mate

Why did Brontosaurus get attacked by Allosaurus?

allosaurus is hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!