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Virga is any form or precipitation that doesn't reach the ground. There could be rain virga or snow virga.

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Q: What is the scientific name when rain evaporates before touching the ground?
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What is rain that doesn't touch the ground called?

rain that evaporates before touching earth is called virga.

What is snow virga?

It is snow that evaporates before it hits the ground.

What do you call precipitation that evaporates before hitting the ground?


What is the name for rain drops that do not reach the ground?

Rain which evaporates before reaching the ground is called 'virga'.

Why doesn't it rain that often in deserts?

I believe it does rain about as often over the deserts as anywhere else. The difference is that because of the intense desert heat most of the rainfall evaporates before ever touching the ground.

What is it called when Rain or snow that falls form a cloud and evaporates before it hits that ground?

It is called virga.

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A funnel cloud is typically visible before a tornado touches down

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a funnel cloud touching the ground is then called a tornado

Where does virga mostly occur?

Virga, rain that evaporates before it hits the ground, is a common occurence in desert areas.

What does Virga mean?

Virga is the effect of precipitation [rain] falling from the clouds, but it evaporates before it is able to hit the ground.

What is dry lightning?

Dry lightning is flashes of lightning and thunder, but any rain evaporates before reaching the ground.

What is the name of this phenomenon that is a form of precipitation that evaporates before it reaches the ground?

i do not know at all why dont you look some where else

Can evaporation occur when water falls from clouds?

During a rain evaporaton is not significant before touching the ground.

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After sunset the rain became sleet?

the sleet may stick to the ground or evaporates on the ground

What happens to water when it is absorbed into the ground?

When the water is absorbed in the ground it evaporates or/and causes erosion.

Is half of Venus frozen with ice and snow?

No because it has such a strong atmosphere so liquid acid rains and evaporates before it hits the ground.

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Water evaporates from the ground - and rises into the air to form clouds. The clouds eventually deposit raon back onto the ground - which evaporates... and the cycle continues.