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What is the scope for a medical record technician?

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A medical record technician manages medical records. Most of their time is spent scanning, filing and organizing these records. They may have to help customers or answer the phone as well.

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Where can I receive medical technician training?

If you wan to become a medical technician, you need to receive medical technician training in the place that provide Certified Medication Technician (CMT) Program.

What is the highest paid medical technician?

What is the highest paid medical technician career?

What is the medical abbreviation meaning emergency medical technician?

EMTis the abbreviation meaning emergency medical technician.

Which of the following would normally be a laboratory supervisor medical laboratory technician or medical technician?

Medical Technologist

What is the difference between EMT-B and EMT-P?

EMT-B is Emergency Medical Technician Basic EMT-P is Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic Paramedics scope of practice is traditionally more detailed and larger, as they are allowed to push drugs, run IV's.

What does a mammography tech do?

A mammography technician operates the machine that takes pictures of breast tissue to help diagnose any possible illness under the scope of a Medical practitioner.

How long is school for a medical laboratory technician?

It will take approximately 2 years to become a medical laboratory technician.

Is there a difference between a medical assistant and a medical technician?


What is the medical terminology combining form meaning examination with a scope?

-scopy is the medical term meaning visual examination with a scope

Which degree is needed to become a medical laboratory technician?

To become a medical laboratory technician you will need to obtain your high school diploma, an associates degree, and then complete an accredited training program. If you obtain your bachelors degree you will be able to advance to a medical technician.

What is the difference between a medical assistant and a med tech?

The difference between a medical assistant and a medical technician is that an assistant has more responsibilities than a technician does. A medical technicians main duties are to check the vitals of patients.

What does Emt stands for?

Emergency Medical Technician

What does the medical abbreviation mlt mean?

MLT means medical laboratory technician.

What is a mortuary technician?

A Mortuary Technician is somone who assists the Medical Examiner during an Autopsy procedure.

How do you use word scope while referring to medical alert systems?

I need to find some information on the scope of the medical alert systems at the plant.

What is the scope after doing BSc medical?

nothing u can done after medical.

What is the best online course for an Emergency Medical Technician?

There are several online courses available for an Emergency Medical Technician. One of the leading courses is available at

How is a veterinarian different then a veterinary technician?

A veterinarian is a medical doctor and a veterinary technician is not, so the veterinary technician is limited to acting as an assistant to the veterinarian.

What is the medical abbreviation meaning electrocardiograph technician?

Electrocardiograph technician can be abbreviated EKG tech or ECG tech.

Medical term for record of electricity?

Medical term for record of electricity is electromyogram

Where can I go to school to become an emergency medical technician in Texas?

University of Phoenix and ITT Technical Institute both offer emergency medical technician training and courses.

Is a forensic technician and a medical examiner the same?

no, there is a huge difference, forensic technician looks at dead peoples penises, and a medical examiner looks at alive peoples penises

What occupations use Medical terminology?

The following occupations requires the use of medical terms. Allopathic Physician Athletic Trainer Audiologist Biomedical Engineer Biomedical Equipment Technician Chiropractor Clinical Laboratory Technician Clinical Nurse Specialist Clinical Technologist Coding Specialst Counselor Cytotechnologist Dental Assistant Dental Hygienist Dental Laboratory Technician Dentist Dialysis Technician Dietetic Technician Dietitian Electrocardiograph Technician Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist Emergency Medical Technician Environmental Health Specialist Epidemiologist Genetic Counselor Health Educator Health Information Specialist Health Science Librarian Health Science Library Technician Healthcare Administrator Histologic Technician Histologist Hospital Administrator Home Health Aide Industrial Hygienist Licensed Practical Nurse Medical Assistant Medical Illustrator Medical Laboratory Technician Medical Librarian Medical Library Technician Medical Records Administrator Medical Records Technician Medical Technologist Monitor Surveillance Technician Nuclear Medicine Technologist Nurse (Practical) Nurse (Registered) Nurse Anesthetist Nurse Midwife Nurse Practitioner Nursing Assistant/Aide Nursing Home Administrator Occupational Therapist Occupational Therapy Assistant/Aide Operating Room Technician Ophthalmic Technician Ophthalmologist Optical Laboratory Technician Optician Optometrist Optometry Technician/Assistant Orthotist Osteopathic Physician Patient Representative Perfusionist Pharmacist Pharmacy Technician Physical Therapist Physical Therapy Assistant Physician, Allopathic Physician, Osteopathic Physician's Assistant Podiatrist Practical Nurse Prosthetist Psychiatric Aide/Technician Psychiatrist Psychologist Radiation Therapy Technologist Radiation Therapist Radiographer Radiologic Technologist Recreation Therapist Respiratory Therapist Respiratory Therapy Assistant Registered Nurse Research Scientist Sanitarian Social Worker Sonographer Speech Pathologist Surgical Technologist Ultrasound Technologist Veterinarian Veterinary Technician/Assistant X-Ray Technician

Where can I receive a medical technician certification?

In order to receive a technician certification, you have to go to a medical college such as New York Medical College. Then sign for a program and complete it. Finally you need to pass the final exam to get your certification.

What is the scope of medical anthropology?

Jobs for M.Sc Anthropology