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A medical record technician manages medical records. Most of their time is spent scanning, filing and organizing these records. They may have to help customers or answer the phone as well.

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Q: What is the scope for a medical record technician?
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Where can I receive medical technician training?

If you wan to become a medical technician, you need to receive medical technician training in the place that provide Certified Medication Technician (CMT) Program.

What is the highest paid medical technician?

What is the highest paid medical technician career?

What is the medical abbreviation meaning emergency medical technician?

EMTis the abbreviation meaning emergency medical technician.

Which of the following would normally be a laboratory supervisor medical laboratory technician or medical technician?

Medical Technologist

What is the difference between EMT-B and EMT-P?

EMT-B is Emergency Medical Technician Basic EMT-P is Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic Paramedics scope of practice is traditionally more detailed and larger, as they are allowed to push drugs, run IV's.

What does the job of a medical technician involve?

A medical technician is an assistant role to medical personnel. They will do jobs for the qualified medic and help them out as and when it is necessary.

What does a mammography tech do?

A mammography technician operates the machine that takes pictures of breast tissue to help diagnose any possible illness under the scope of a Medical practitioner.

Can a certified medical assistant works as a patient care technician?

can a medical assistant works as a patient care technician

How long is school for a medical laboratory technician?

It will take approximately 2 years to become a medical laboratory technician.

Is there a difference between a medical assistant and a medical technician?


What does an ultra sound technician do?

Ultra sound technician's perform medical procedures on a screen for a medical condition in a human's body.

What is the medical terminology combining form meaning examination with a scope?

-scopy is the medical term meaning visual examination with a scope

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