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What is the scope of pharmacy?

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March 16, 2011 11:23AM

well, the scope of pharmacy is as much as for all the other fields out there.

People have to come out of the impression that pharmacists can only sit behind a table and givie the prescribed medicines by the docs in the medical store.

they can work in the production unit of the drug companies, can become good medical transcriptionists if they have good language skills. they can also asist doc's in the rural areas as the number of staf will be less in there.

They can work in the marketing areas as well if they are interested, can start a new business on their own, can work as researchers in the drug companies, can volunteer to do nursing (not the Literal meaning) in the hospitals and lot more,,,, coming to the basic and imp necessity, i.e Money. the money included in Pharmacy field is no where less compared to any other field. as you move up the ladder u will be getting a very good profit of what you do. but the only thing that matters is time.. you just can't set up your business today and expect 100% profit in a month, that's not possible. this includes patience , hardwork, investment and dediction at the same time. You can acheive anything you want to.