What is the script to Charlie the Unicorn 1?

Purple Unicorn: Hey, Charlie Hey Charlie wake up
Pink Unicorn: Yeah Charlie, You silly sleepy head wake up!
Charlie: Oh god you guys. This better be pretty freakin important. Is the meadow on fire?
Purple Unicorn: No Charlie, We found a map to Candy Mountain. Candy Mountain Charlie!
Pink Unicorn: yeah Charlie were going to Candy Mountain come with us Charlie.
Purple Unicorn: Yeah Charlie! It'll Be an adventure! were going on an adventure Charlie
Charlie: Yeah, Candy Mountain right Im just gunna you know go back to sleep now.
Purple Unicorn: NOOOOOOOOOOO!! Charlie!!! you have to come with us to Candy Mountain
Pink Unicorn: Yeah Charlie, Candy Mountain its a land of sweets and joy! and joyness!
Charlie: Please stop bouncing on me!
Purple Unicorn: Candy Mountain Charlie!!
Pink Unicorn: Yeah Candy Mountain
Charlie: Alright Fine!! Ill go with you to Candy Mountain!
Charlie: Enough with the singing already.
Purple Unicorn: Our first stop is over there Charlie!
Charlie: Oh god what is that!?!
Purple Unicorn: Its a Leoplurodon Charlie
Pink Unicorn: A magical Leopleurodon
Purple Unicorn: Its gonna guide our way to Candy Mountain!
Charlie: Alright Guys you do know that there is no actual Candy Mountain right?
Purple Unicorn: SHUN THE NON-BELIEVER!!!
Charlie: Yeah??
Leopleurodon: (funny noises!)
Purple Unicorn: It has spoken!!
Pink Unicorn: It has told us the way!!!!
Charlie: It didnt say anything!
Purple Unicorn: Its just over this bridge Charlie
Pink Unicorn: This magical bridge of hope and wonder!!
Charlie: Is anyone else getting like covered in splinters? Seriously guys we shouldn't be on this thing
Charlie: Im right here what do u want!?!?
Purple Unicorn: Were on a bridge Charlie!
Pink Unicorn: Were Here!!!
Charlie: Well what do ya know? There actually is a Candy Mountain!
Purple Unicorn: Candy Mountain! Candy Mountain You fill me with sweet sugary goodness
Pink Unicorn: Go inside the Candy Mountain Cave Charlie.
Purple Unicorn: Yeah Charlie! Go inside the cave. Magical wonders are to behold when you enter
Charlie: Yeah Arrrr Thanks but no thanks im gunna just stay out here.
Pink Unicorn: But you have to enter the Candy Mountain Candy Cave Charlie!
Candy Mountain Song:
Oh when youre down and youre looking for some cheering up
Then just head right on up to the candy mountain cave
When you get inside you find yourself a cheery land
Such a happy and joy filled and perky merry land
Theyve got lollipops and gummidrops and candy things
Oh so many things that will brighten up your day
Its impossible to wear a frown in candy town
Its the mecca of love the candy cave
Theyve got jellybeans and coconut with little hats
Candy rats, chocolate bats, its a wonderland of sweets
Buy the candy train to town and hear the candy band
Candy bells, its a treat, as they march across the land
Cherry ribbon stream across the sky and to the ground
Turn around, it astounds, its a dancing candy treat
In the candy cave imagination runs so free
So now Charlie please will you go into the cave?
Charlie: Alright fine!! Ill go into the freakin Candy Cave! This better be good!
Purple Unicorn: Goodbye Charlie!
Pink Unicorn: Yeah, Goodbye Charlie!
Charlie: Goodbye What?!?!?! HEY WHATS GOIN ON HERE!?!? hello? Who is that? Ow! oh god!
What Happened? argh! They took my freakin kidney!

Hope this helps ;D