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The second album from the Jonas brothers is self-titled.

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The first CD , which is titled 'It's About Time' , you can't find anywhere . Except probably eBay . Their second CD is called 'Jonas Brothers' . Their third CD is called 'A Little Bit Longer' , titled after the last song on the album , which youngest Jonas Brother , Nick , wrote about his diabetes . And their newest CD is called 'Lines , Vines and Trying Times' .

there new CD is called: "the Jonas brothers are fags"

The title of the Jonas Brothers first CD is called "It's About Time".

The Jonas Brothers' first CD was called "It's About Time."

The Jonas brothers just let out a CD this fall so probably not for a year or two (probably two years)

The fist Jonas brothers CD was ITS ABOUT TIME...but before that Nick had a separate one that had his brothers in it. It was titled NICHOLAS JONAS!!!there second one was JONAS BROTHERS and the 3rd was A LITTLE BIT LONGER

Why don't you go but the stupid gay CD and find out yourself dummy.

Yes when he was younger he released his own CD called Nicholas Jonas (don't quote me on this but I think that's what it is called)

It depends on what you mean. Their first CD was called "It's About Time". Their second CD was a self-titled album, so it was called "Jonas Brothers". Their third CD is called " A Little Bit Longer". Finally, their fourth/last CD is called " Lines, Vines, and Trying Times".

They made a new CD it just came out it is A Little Bit Longer. I think you should buy it!! It is awesome. Their 1st CD is called Its About Time and then there 2nd Cd is called Jonas Brothers. They all are amazing!!

the first Jonas brothers CD is called it's about time but it is no longer available to buy their second one is called JONAS BROTHERS and there third is a little bit longer their 4th is called lines, vines and trying times

it's called "It's about Time"

Their upcoming CD is called Lines, Vines and Trying Times.

lol actually on the Jonas brother new CD called (Lines Vines & Trying Times) they have a song the feat rapper common i personaly do not like the song but if they find it fun who am i to judge.

The Jonas Brother's new CD that was released recently in 2009 is called Lines, Vines, and Trying Times.

there first CD was Its About Time , i think. Im pretty sure that was the name and their second one was called Jonas brothers there first CD was Its About Time , i think. Im pretty sure that was the name and their second one was called Jonas brothers

i am a HUGE Jonas Brothers Fan!!! ^^ big Wow person that said Im a huge Jonas Fan!!!! any body can google it but Trust me No body is a bigger Fan then me I have been there since day 1 = ) === ===

its just called Jonas brothers. its a self titled album

The CD sales for the Jonas Brothers is 452,458

It's called "It's About Time"

The Jonas Brothers have 4 studio CDs. The first is called "It's About Time" but you can no longer purchase this CD The second CD is called "Jonas Brothers" which came out on August 7th, 2007 Their third CD is titled "A Little Bit Longer" and that came out August 12th, 2008 The Jonas Brothers latest CD "Lines, Vines, and Trying Times" was released June 16th, 2009 Hope this helps!

The new Jonas CD will come out on either June 15th or 16th and it is called: "Lines, Vines and Trying Times"

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