What is the security key to connect to the access point?

I am assuming you are referring to a wireless access point (WAP), if this is wrong, please restate your question with more clarification.

A wireless access point usually connects a wireless device to a wired network. In some instances it establishes connections between two wireless devices, but this is a much less common way to use an access point. Either way, it is usually in the form of a WiFi (802.11 protocol) router or bridge or Bluetooth device. While few Bluetooth devices has any kind of security key, most wireless routers can be configured to require a password or passphrase to connect to it. The router may ship with a default password, but the person setting it up can log onto it and set a new password. Some wireless routers also connect to an authentication server which provides additional authentication, a user can connect to the access point, but until they have authenticated via the connected authentication server, they cannot access the network the wireless router is connected to.